WIN!: All the Colors WIN

art book color design pretty colors - 6568130816
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The Hardest Moment in a Parent's Life

book zombie - 6576449792
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WIN!: Book Sculpting WIN

art best of week book Hall of Fame Lord of the Rings The Hobbit - 6535273216
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If Dad Has to Hide His Magazines...

book motherson - 6488787200
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WIN!: Book Fountain WIN

animated book design fountain gifs - 6390777088
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Parenting Fails: A Must Read

bears book g rated Parenting FAILS - 6348830720
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Parenting Fails: Comebacks: Red Forman Style

book that 70s show - 6335166464
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Dedication Page WIN

BAMF book dedication manly reading is sexy troofax - 6328455936
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Book Landscape WIN

art book design landscape - 6324704000
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FAIL Nation: Spacing and Arrangement of Type FAIL

book fail nation g rated - 6303757824
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Reading: Not for Everyone

book reading stripper - 6299790080
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Book Light WIN

book bookshelf design lamp reading is sexy - 6233931264
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Every Man's Library

book - 6253278208
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Now You Know How Men Feel

book pr0n reading - 6243054336

Book Art WIN

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Next Up for Oprah's Book Club

book child support How To - 6153647360
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