news FAIL lol truck lake boat mistake - 107184385

Truck Rolls Down Boat Launch Into Lake During News Broadcast

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story of guy who battles locked gate policy by asking for boat early

Guy Defeats Dumb Locked Gate Policy With Well-Timed Fishing Trip

The early bird gets the worm.
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waves physics falling balance boat funny Video - 106723841

Highly Unbalanced Highlights from Life on a Boat

It's that dang gravity. Stupid physics.
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video of guy who hangs from bridge while on moving boat, knocks over people

Dude Hangs On Bridge, Forgets He's On Moving Boat

Woops to you and everyone behind you.
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pontoon FAIL ridiculous boat funny Video - 106620417

Pontoon Sinks, Guy Hops On Board, Glorious Salute Results

That laughter really adds a nice vibe to the video.
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crazy Tsunami boat iceberg - 106564097

Small Boat Manages To Escape Tsunami Caused By Iceberg

Far too close for comfort.
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Guy fails to move boat correctly, forklift rolls back into boat.

Forklift Boat Mishap Is Ballet of Failure

It helps to have working brakes.
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what it looks like inside a ship cabin during a storm rocking turbulence

Video Portrays Life On Ship When Boat Rocks

Looks a tad bit uncomfortable.
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Two ships collide in ontario canal

Head-On Ship Collision is a Slow Motion Failure

That'll buff right out.
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funny boat puns

25 Pun-tastic Boat Names That'll Make You Say "High Sea What You Did There"

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first world problems

21 Poor Souls Share Their Most Frivolous First World Problems

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bad products you regret buying

19 Things People Will Never Buy Again

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Unfortunate Unlucky People

17 Unfortunate Events That Happened to Unlucky People

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Sad sucks disaster relationships car crash car accident sunscreen boat funny dating - 6426629

27 "That Sucks" Moments Ranging From Crapp-ish to Crap-tacular

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almost accidents on boats

10 Cruise Ship Workers Share Disasters That The Passengers Never Found out About

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Video of a guy dancing on a boat that results in him going overboard.

Guy Lets Sunday Funday Get The Best Of Him While Boating

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