Crawled into work still drunk from the night before

Fast Food Worker Comes Into Work the Morning After Their Birthday Party in Quite the State

We've all been this person the morning after our birthday parties
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wife promises son car, disappointed husband buys him a gaming console instead

Entitled Wife Promises Her Son A Car, Disappointed Her Husband Doesn't Buy One

Really, lady?
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entitled mother has kids celebrate her on their birthdays

Entitled Mom Steals Her Children's Birthdays For Years, Daughter Has Enough Of It

What a piece of work.
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Dad kicks out disrespectful "cool girl" from daughter's party | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by trway21423 12 hours ago AITA kicking out girl my daughter's sleepover bday party? My (34M) daughter (14F) had sleepover b-day party last saturday, and she invited 5 girls her school. There this one girl she invited who could tell her attitude spoiled brat she rang doorbell, she walked looking down at her phone, didn't greet or my wife, and handed her jacket without even looking up

Dad Kicks Entitled "Cool Girl" Out of Daughter's Birthday

And the internet weighed in.
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kids birthday pro revenge revenge petty revenge parenting parents - 16362757

Mean Girl Kicks Girl Out of Her Birthday Party, Stellar Mother Irate, Takes Back Presents

An important part of being a kid is learning that your actions have consequences. When you behave or treat someone poorly, poor things will happen to you. These lessons classically condition us to behave well and treat others with the respect they are warranted. Hopefully, they will also teach us to respect ourselves and the way that others treat us too. This was an important lesson that this girl hopefully learned when u/WovenAesthetic 's mother took back their gift. Although, maybe that's opt…
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AITA for being "ungrateful" of the cake my boyfriend made me?

Boyfriend and His Daughter Bake Ungrateful Girlfriend A Cake For Her Birthday, She Throws it Back in Their Face

Not even a half-baked apology.
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cake aita marriage drama birthday relationships couples dating - 16237573

Wife Makes Husband Promise That He Will Eat His Entire Birthday Cake in One Day, He Does and Gets Insulted

There was just no way that he could win in this scenario.
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Spoiled husband submits list of demands for his 30th birthday month to his wife

Immature Spoiled Husband Hands His Wife List of “Birthday Month” Demands That Read Like He’s An Entitled 12 Year Old

This guy.
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parenting, marriage, in-laws, birthday, food allergies

Irate Husband and In-laws Insist Concerned Mother Makes Her Daughter’s Birthday “Not Vegan”, She’s Doing it Because of Daughter’s Severe Allergies

Sorry you're offended by your daughter's allergies dad!
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wife upset husband went to restaurant with a friend on his birthday

Wife Ditches Husband's Birthday, Gets Upset That He Still Had A Nice Birthday

Oh boy.
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A husband ends up disregarding his wife's request for him to not touch a lasagna that was specially prepared for a birthday.

Husband Disregards Wife's Request For Him To Leave Lasagna Alone

Eh, that wasn't the move, my dude.
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mom tells story about wholesome gamers celebrating kid's birthday

Wholesome Gamers Throw Birthday Party For Lonely Kid

Plus one wholesomeness.
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bad baby names people had to be talked out of naming their kids

Dumb Baby Names People Had To Be Talked Out Of

"Meet my son, Power Rangers Johnson."
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Woman's fiancé gets her a Peloton bike after she asks for him to not get her one | AITA pissed got Peloton my birthday Throwaway account So realize already sound like brat. This is most expensive present have ever received my life and enjoy spin classes, but back story is is important here.

Woman's Fiancé Gets Her Peloton Bike For Birthday, Fight Ensues

She repeatedly said she didn't want it.
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People describe some of the worst birthday gifts that they've received | devlOUs32 14h 2 Awards used pen my grandma found her purse at my 16th birthday

Worst Birthday Gifts People Received

Hard pass on the lint remover.
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Strange, weird and awkward gifts people got.

Awkward and Weird Gifts People Received

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