Biologist Consultant Whose Job is to Yell at Construction Workers to Not Harm Frogs Goes Viral

Biologist Consultant Whose Job is to Yell at Construction Workers to Not Harm Frogs Goes Viral

Known as the “Froggie Biologist," his purpose on construction sites it to make sure wildlife is respected.
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tumblr birds kea science biology - 16236805

Tumblr User Describes the Differences in Intelligent Presentation Between the Crow and Kea

What amazing animals!
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nature tumblr sharks lol shark marine biology biology funny - 16070661

Friends Discover Shark Tracker, Find Various Shark Journeys

In case you've ever wanted to track sharks and other sea life, Ocearch would be the place to do it. These folks went on a deep dive (don't excuse that pun, it sucked) into the world of shark tracking and found a few of their favorites. Who wouldn't want updates on their favorite sharks? For more shark stuff, here was the time people discovered a shark army and sided with the sharks.
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bored human with a screwdriver tumblr story

Tumblr Story Imagines A Bored Human On An Alien Ship Armed With A Screwdriver

Yeah, sounds about right.
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tumblr explanations of why horses are fragile

Tumblr Thread: Horses Are A Genetic Mess

Don't be a horse.
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tumblr thread about consuming toxic plants like coffee and hot peppers

Tumblr Thread: Humans Consume Toxic Plants For Fun

Don't talk to me til I've had my bug poison.
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A funny Tumblr post about biologists that focus on the study of maligned species.

Tumblr Post Pays Homage To Defensive Spite Of Biologists

A dazzling spectacle to behold.
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Tumblr thread on what makes babies interesting

Tumblr Thread: Human Babies Are "Independent" Compared To Other Mammals

Hey baby, lift that head and get to work.
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An encouraging Tumblr thread on the importance of embracing the lazy lifestyle.

Inspirational Tumblr Thread On Embracing The Lazy Life

Actual inspiration to take it easy.
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An enlightening Twitter thread about fish fraud.

Twitter Thread: Fish At Restaurants Doesn't Always Line Up With The Labels

Duly noted.
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An interesting Twitter thread about what human bodies do when exposed to cold water.

Twitter Thread: Our Bodies Go Whale Mode During Cold Water Exposure

Our bodies are fascinating.
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funny dolphin tumblr thread | just-shower-thoughts kind dick move create animals require air, then confine them freaking ocean water-based-introspection Follow If are talking about dolphins they used be wolf like creatures due scarcity food they had hunt water so they slowly evolved into water mammals, dolphins still have claw bones but they are unnecessary and dolphins will get rid them with time and will develop abilities breath under water (This also partially applies whales)

Quick Tumblr Thread On How Dolphins Started

"I've had enough of this whole land thing."
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A Tumblr thread honors a lot of things that make humans so weird | arcticfoxbear Humans Are Weird So there has been bit if humans were weird ones going around tumblr at moment and Earth Day got thinking. Earth is wonky place axis tilts orbit wobbles, and ground spews molten rock goodness sakes if makes humans weird is just our capacity survive if all other life bearing planets are these mild, Mediterranean climates with no seasons, no tectonic plates, and no intense weather if several species

Tumblr Thread: Humans Are Weird, Durable Space Orcs

Maybe aliens would be shook.
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Whale shows up just as BBC host casts doubt about if there will be whales out

Whale Surprises Host with Perfect Timing

Couldn't have been more on the mark.
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Tumblr on whether big bird is a predator | Some people might have been confused by fact Big Birds eyes are on front his head trait often seen predators. But truth is with no predators big enough challenge Bird doesn't really matter where his eyes are. Maybe his front facing eyes are an evolutionary holdover days his ancestors had hunt their food, who knows, nature is amazing any case he is definitely an herbivore now and can all be thankful snommelp Predators are more likely have front-facing

Tumblr Insists Big Bird Isn't an Apex Predator

Nature is amazing.
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A girl ends up getting extra choosey about her biology notes | Today 12:58 AM Do have bio notes Yeah do need them? Thank god hahaa only one who's up this late swear Quick question tho did write them?

Girl Gets Choosey About Biology Notes

She failed miserably.
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