You better open this dang door

'You want me to open the door? I'll open it': Thief tries to steal beer from convenience store, cue malicious compliance

Nothing like doing exactly what someone tells you to do and having it backfire!
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beer roomba programming lazy engineering awesome robots lol funny stupid - 107087105

Robot Vacuum Has Beer Grab Function

The path from the fridge to the couch is gonna be spotless.
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guy balances beer on head while riding bike

Guy On Bike Incredibly Balances Beer On Head

What a triumph of balance.
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Boss tries to short brewer's wages, so brewer takes a masterful revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/PissedBrewer 13h 1 destroyed brewery Nearly 20 years ago brewer at brewpub owner complete lunatic and an utter -hole. Before hired, he had already purchased brewery equipment, used closed microbrewery. Problem is literally 4 times larger than needed be size place, and top off he selling Big 3 beers too. And Pugsley system (brewers will know But made work, even got stupid Ringwald yeast behave. But only

Owner Shorts Brewer's Hard-Earned Wages, Brewer Takes Revenge

Wage theft is the lowest of blows.
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Soccer player drinks cup thrown from stands after making a goal

Soccer Player Scores Goal, Catches Thrown Cup, Drinks It

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Woman does Disney Channel Intro and blasts beer into face

"Disney Channel Intro" Goes Wrong

Hey... this isn't the Disney Channel.
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Video and interview of guy who sat at bar during robbery.

The Guy Who Stayed At the Bar While It was Being Robbed

Even he said to not do this.
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Jerk customer demands a beer every time the waiter comes by, so he ends up buying 25 beers | r/TalesFromYourServer Posted by purplebikeshorts Jerk gets exactly he asked Last night worked 14 top. They were all terrible people, douchiest people have ever come contact with royal family Douchland. One guy sits down and orders beer. He says Every time come table want have beer thought he probably just joking, so leave and come back and he says Where is my beer? Did really forget

Jerkbag Gives Server Ultimatum, Ends Up Paying for 25 Beers

His pride got the best of him.
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teacher funny greet as he enters the classroom

Professor Greets Class Everyday With "Whazaaaa" From Budweiser Commercials

That's one way to start class.
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Woman has beer for first time after being in jail for 60 days and starts to cry.

Reality Show Participant's First Mouthful of Beer after 60 Days in Jail

This feels more heart-wrenching than it should be.
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stone cold steve austin chugs bear

Stone Cold Steve Austin Explains The Proper Way To Chug A Beer

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dad is asian ron swanson, wholesome twitter, son tweeting about dad,

Guy's Wholesome Twitter Thread Explains How His Dad Is Asian Ron Swanson

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old pics of kids

20 Kids in Unsafe Situations That Wouldn't Fly Today

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How To NOT Tap A Keg

Via LollipopFromHell
bud light beer twitter alcohol super bowl social media reaction - 7676165

Bud Light Triggers Angered Corn Lobby On Twitter With Spicy Super Bowl Ad

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bad names

37 Filthily-Named Products That'll Dirty up Your Pantries

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