Canada beer drinking twitter - 1952773

Canada Just Created the Brew We All Need

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beer drinking running amazing marathon win - 1934597

Check This College Legend As He Pounds 13 Brews While Running a Sub-Two Hour Marathon

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There's Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Beer Now, So Excuse Me While I Barf Into a Bucket As I Type This Article

fail girl scout cookie beer
Via Paleoista
beer paul ryan guinness politics - 1766149

Happy St. Patrick's Day: Watch Paul Ryan Upset the Irish on Twitter By Raising a Sad Looking Guinness

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beer awesome - 1499397

70-Year-Old Legend Goes Back to College and Joins Kappa Sig Fraternity

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cool beer yoga - 1408005

Yes, Beer Yoga is Real. Yes, It Will Get You Up at 8 on a Saturday Morning

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Swedish Microbrewery is Making a Shower Beer That Will Finally Make Bath Time Fun!

microbrewery makes shower beer
Via Snask
beer drinking brawl fight Video - 84688129

Watching These Two Inconsolably Drunk Rednecks Fight It Out Over the Last Brewski Is Way More Hilarious Than It Should Be

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beer game drinking amazing Video win - 84637953

This Downright Ridiculous Outdoor Drinking Game Looks Like The Best Drinking Game Ever

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beer brazil alcohol trick Video win - 84289793

Watch This Guy Pull Off Two Amazing Beer Tricks Without Even Spilling a Drop

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Pipeline of the Day: This Beer Pipeline in Bruges Is A Pipeline for Public Good

amazing beer pipeline in bruges belgium transport thousands of gallons of beer
Via Halvemaan

Cold One of the Day: Grandfather Cracks Open 32-Year-Old Beer After Cubs Win the World Series

Grandfather Opens 32-Year-Old Beer After Cubs Win the World Series
Via @GraceJohnso
drink beer FAIL beer pong Video - 294663

In Beer Pong, You Might Just Be Your Own Biggest Opponent

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A Real Way to Get Someone to Pay Attention is to Immediately Disappointed

beer sign FAIL box nope - 8982022144
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad
beer list tweet Video - 975877

Here's Your Chance to Taste George Washington's Recipe for Beer

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Liquid Love is Real Too, Right?

Via SenorGif

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