bad jokes

Bad jokes are the worst jokes that came full circle and became good jokes.

Math Jokes Are Worse Than Dad Jokes

bad jokes teacher dad math funny - 8420140544
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I Bet the Ladies Are Lining Up

bad jokes funny idiots pickup lines sign - 8351032576
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She Has a Terrible Flaw...

bad jokes funny online dating text - 8346893568
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A Hell of a One Liner

wtf bad jokes one liners idiots - 8209190912
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Really Bad Science Jokes 2

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Good Idea

bad jokes Chemistry good idea - 6550618880
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File Under "Terrible Ways to Make a First Impression"

bad jokes Rage Comics - 5976561920
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Bad Joke Eel Strikes Again

bad jokes jokes pun - 5783142912
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This Conversation Is Ofishially Over

bad jokes ocean pun puns sea - 5603770112

Autocowrecks: He Needs to Clam Up

AutocoWrecks bad jokes g rated Hall of Fame joke mobile phones ocean pun puns sea texting - 5603724544
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