bad jokes

Bad jokes are the worst jokes that came full circle and became good jokes.

Collection of bad jokes that might actually make you laugh because they're so bad.

24 Jokes So Damn Terrible They Might Actually Make You Laugh

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bad corny jokes in extremely lame pun memes | Person - jp_taylor do spot blind guy at nude beach s not hard.

15 Corny Jokes For Your Sunday

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Who Gave All Our Dads A Phone?

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Via Buzzfeed

Yeah, Don't Quit Your Day Job

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Created by pneumonatic

Math Jokes Are Worse Than Dad Jokes

bad jokes teacher dad math funny - 8420140544
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I Bet the Ladies Are Lining Up

bad jokes funny idiots pickup lines sign - 8351032576
Via The O Is Jonesing

She Has a Terrible Flaw...

bad jokes funny online dating text - 8346893568
Via jdat

A Hell of a One Liner

wtf bad jokes one liners idiots - 8209190912
Via This Is How You Start a Conversation
bad jokes science funny - 53379329

Really Bad Science Jokes 2

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Good Idea

bad jokes Chemistry good idea - 6550618880

File Under "Terrible Ways to Make a First Impression"

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Created by chuffberry

Bad Joke Eel Strikes Again

bad jokes jokes pun - 5783142912

This Conversation Is Ofishially Over

bad jokes ocean pun puns sea - 5603770112

Autocowrecks: He Needs to Clam Up

AutocoWrecks bad jokes g rated Hall of Fame joke mobile phones ocean pun puns sea texting - 5603724544
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