coconut wtf golf australia crabs Damn Nature U Scary coconut crab weird - 107800065

Big Ol' Coconut Crab Has Run-In With Australian Golfers, Snips Club

For anyone who hasn't seen a coconut crab before, they're a bit of a sideways-walking nightmare. They like to walk on land and eat coconuts, which basically means they can find you anywhere and pinch super hard. These golfers met a particularly stubborn coconut crab who seemed really interested in a set of clubs, and they found out just how hard it can pinch.
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australia cars lol ridiculous echidna funny animals - 107721217

Supercars Dodge Echidna On Racetrack

That's pretty Australian.
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tumblr australian gothic

Tumblr's "Australian Gothic" Is An Upside-Down World Of Existential Dread

Is it truly a g'day?
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spiders insects scary surprising australia ridiculous Video - 107191553

Giant Huntsman Spider Appears, Passengers Lose It

Yeah, I'm out dawg.
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spiders wtf nope australia Damn Nature U Scary plane airplane - 107119873

Giant Spider Falls On Pilot During Landing

Oh, cool.
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Video of mice infestation in rural Australia

Australia's Mouse Situation Is Getting To Be A Lot

The floor is mice!
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impressive live news australia criminal live tv Video win - 106529025

Aussie Hero Chases Down Runaway Car

A modern day legend.
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funny radio interview prank

Radio Hosts Find Greatest Bloke In World Through Prank Job Reference

Only in Australia.
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Sally Pearson athlete wholesome interview

Aussie Woman Gives Wholesome Sports Interview

Some inspiring stuff right here.
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Funny and creepy Australian Gothic tumblr thread | devilrie australian gothic all refer prime minister by their first name know them well, and they know us. all us there's man on street corner who never leaves just waiting mate he says realise he is on every corner every street are swooped by magpie same place, at same time, every single day s swooping season says neighbour has always been swooping season sometimes hear woman whispering late at night or early morning rage" she hisses rage prime

The Hot, Spider-Filled Existential Dread of Tumblr's Australian Gothic

Fear, and be confused by the Down-Under.
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wholesome video of pro football player gets roasted by mom

Aussie Pro Football Player Tells Mom Exciting Update, Mom Roasts Him

Mom was too stoked.
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A collection of creepy things from the land of Australia | scorpion being hunted by a giant spider

The Mortifying Nopes Of Australia

Better come prepared.
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Quick and funny Tumblr thread sums up Australia perfectly | @gotitforcheap-deactivated201611 if american and coming australia gonna go ahead and say should be 100 percent way more worried about being king hit by dude named "dane bintang singlet than any fucking spiders exist here marimopet does this say english

Quick Tumblr Thread Is An Australian Rosetta Stone

Translating languages is a doozy.
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Tumblr thread involves people arguing over what lemonade actually is | fleamont Yeah this is correct. Lemonade is sprite. Clear fizzy liquid type thing. Solo is closer American lemonade is but don't actually have guys consider lemonade anyway so she never going get she wanted Imao. freshest-tittymilk Y'ALL AIN'T GOT LEMONADE madness. kingjaffejoffer don't actually have guys consider lemonade

Cultures Collide Over What Lemonade Is

Lemonade is Sprite in Australia.
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scary wtf Terrifying australia fire australian - 100986625

Crowning Australian Bushfire Is Freakin' Insane

Well that's terrifying.
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lottery australia ridiculous truck Video - 99760641

Truck Driver Wins $17K On Scratch Ticket, Wins Another $250K In Reenactment

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