A Karen is arrested after causing quite the scene at a liquor store.

Karen Freaks Out At Priest In Liquor Store, Gets Arrested

Priests are allowed to drink.
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AITA for refusing to ''see other options'' for a girl and pressing charges for what she did to my son's car?

Ex-Girlfriend Defaces Boyfriend's Car With Her Brother, Brother Arrested, Ex Charged

Turns out poor decisions have real-world consequences.
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story of man who doesn't want emergency night repairs, he antagonizes the repairman and gets arrested

Entitled Goofball Calls Cops On Emergency Pipe Repairman, Gets Arrested

The tables, how they turn.
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Hotel owner refuses employee's jury duty, gets led out in hand cuffs

Boss Threatens Firing Over Jury Duty Absence, Gets Led Out in Cuffs

Don't make a judge angry.
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Times cops stopped people and their outlandish excuses turned out to be true.

Excuses People Gave The Cops That Turned Out To Be Legit

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AITA thread about dude who called the cops on sister who borrowed his car

Guy Asks Internet If He's Wrong for Calling Cops on Sister Who Took His Car

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cops stoned high Memes arrested Reddit weed Video police - 98570497

Cop Jokes Stoned Dude Would Be a Good Meme on Reddit, Guy Ends up on Reddit

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cops school public freakout teacher arrested Video - 98260993

Teacher Arrested For Asking Why Superintendent Got A Raise While Teachers Hadn't In Years

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facebook comments about mug shot of man with huge neck

Guy with Huge Neck Gets Destroyed in Police Page's Spicy Comments Section

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wtf arrested ridiculous funny Video - 86991873

Handcuffed Bro Takes Giant Step For Mankind, Proposes to Girlfriend While Being Arrested

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cops woman FAIL arrested dui - 1608197

Watch This Hot Busty Chick Do Cartwheels During DUI Stop, Still Manage to Get Arrested, and Proceed to Kick the Cop in the Dick

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Butt Dial of the Day: Genius Allegedly Calls 911 and Allegedly Discusses Crimes He’d Like to Commit

two kentucky men butt dial 911 while discussing plan to rob bbq place
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Back To School Shop Lifting

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FAIL crime arrested - 81260033

North Carolina Couple Arrested For Assaulting Each Other With Pizza Rolls

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The Face You Make When You're Busted After Attempting to Bust a Nut Without Consent

funny fail image young adult's crying mugshot photo
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