Failbook: They May Have Won the Battle, But the War Has Just Begun

ants army Death war - 6243084032
By Petit_Culotte

The Armed Forces Are an Emo Opportunity Employer

air force army job job application military navy - 5911834624
By Unknown

I Wouldn't Want This Job

army bathroom blocked sink washing machine - 5986218496
By Unknown

Men, We Have An Important Mission!

army Hall of Fame military - 5954852096
By _AfterDarkness_

There I Fixed It: Kludge Army Artillery Vehicle

army atv gun - 5948191488
By Unknown

Locked and Loaded

army beer case fashion - 5912753408
By Unknown
Ad army clever honesty Sweden Video - 31618305

Honest Army Ad WIN

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FAIL Nation: It's Not My Fault the Lanes Aren't Wide Enough, Officer

army cops driving fail nation g rated police tank - 5617763328
By Unknown

This Game of Red Rover is Getting Really Serious

army game military Parenting Fail playground toddler - 5587718912
By Unknown

Classic: Premature Discharge FAIL

army classic headshot military - 5472866816
By Unknown

The War on Work

army cubicle Office prank war - 5361797120
By joan83
army military only in russia Pillow pillow fight Video - 28168705

Pillow Fight Army WIN

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Next Mission WIN

army Bieber marine middle east Music pop culture - 5355707392
By Unknown

RAMIREZ! Take Out that Helicopter with Your Baby!

army baby classic military Parenting Fail soldier - 5278011392
By Unknown

Partying Army-Style

army beer chug gas mask tank - 5083789056
By Snake73

Penguin WIN

animals army penguins - 4885168640
By sixonefive72