In the Army WIN

army g rated win - 6965623808
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I Swear, When Obi Wan Dies, He Just Sorta Becomes a Robe...

obi-wan kenobi military army Jedi - 6874568704
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Wait, Really?

army Walmart - 6813033472
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Well-Balanced Diet WIN

om nom nom army perspective - 6724286976
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Truck Drop WIN

gifs army truck drop BAMF - 6643890176
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Pundit Kitchen: Pyongyang Style

army dancing gangnam style psy - 6583262720
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Ammo Boombox WIN

army boom box clever design ipod - 6514537472
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They'll Penetrate Your Flank

army marines military - 6475314432
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Target Acquired

army flashlight military - 6438905088
By TippyBlue

It's Been a Long Tour of Duty...

army military - 6405150720
By geha714

Bros: Fourth of Bro-ly: Let Your Pants Declare Their Independence for AMERICA

america army gifs - 6376333824
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Clearly the Russian Military Had the Right Idea

army BAMF classy retro russia vintage - 6375945472
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Military BAMFs WIN

army BAMF cleaning military supplies - 6346141952
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Can I Take Your Order?

army drive thru McDonald's - 6279901440
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Getting Munchies WIN

army BAMF drive thru fast food McDonald's military - 6277508352
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Kegger 2-1 Actual, This is Broverlord. Reinforcements Inbound to Your Position

army beer bro budweiser keg kegger military tank - 6260554496
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