funny work memes | got deep rage burning inside but got act nice because at work cat smiling awkwardly

Work Memes to Hide from the Boss

"No, I am scrolling through emails."
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weird and dumb things people got offended by | SnooPaintings2137 52.8k points 2 days ago 5 3 22 More One time someone got offended put on my seatbelt, thought commenting on her ability drive.

Absurd Things People Got Offended By

If you're offended by seatbelts, then strap yourself in because..oh right, nevermind.
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Funny very angry wizard of oz argument

The Most Intense Wizard of Oz Argument

That's passion.
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Things that don't deserve to be so difficult | MissSprocket 17.2k points • 13 hours ago (9 Installing a printer. I don't want your 15 other garbage apps, HP. I just want to print my essay.

Things That Have No Right to Be So Difficult

It doesn't make sense!
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mom yelling at gamer son during video game

Mom Yells At Son For Staying Home And Playing CoD

This is just embarrassing.
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Employee quits, boss get karma | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/beerbellybegone 4 days ago Boss: Think about whether want keep working here OK don't ocL Apologies if English isn't perfect s not my native tongue. Nearly two years ago started work at Company as their digital marketing person. After started turned out brought put out fires left by my predecessor VP Marketing, who had team 4 plus himself, spent over $1 million one year and brought 5 deals, 2 them under $10K.

Ungrateful Psycho Boss Gets Instant Karma

You don't get what you don't pay for.
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Video of a woman screaming in car because she is hungry.

Hangry Woman Demands Wings

Might wanna turn that sound down a little.
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People describe the most passive aggressive things they've seen | alumavirtutem ly This girl at my current job frequently makes smoothies everyone culinary who is on shift at time. She won't make smoothies people she's upset with. So there's times where she's made smoothies over five people and casually just doesn't have one cook she has beef with. 2.1k

Most Passive Aggressive Things People Have Seen

Man, oh, man.
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Madden video game breakdown rant

Madden Player Gets Robbed, Rage Rant Ensues

Seems like a reasonable reaction.
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trashy moments | Reno man charged with stealing surgical masks VA hospital wanted | TO THE PRETTY YOUNG GIRL PINK PANTS THANK VIEW! sign taped to pole in the street

Trashy Behavior that Belongs on Mount Garbage

At the tippy top.
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Stupid reasons people were punished at school | mbhghghhhh 15.4k points 20 hours ago using my asthma medication class told keep my inhaler office, and use there only told distracting Know else is distracting sounds someone gasping air and having be removed class.

BS Reasons People Got Punished At School

You never forget.
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People describe those generally liked characters that they absolutely despise. | learning_to_fly_ 23h Everyone riverdale

Generally Liked Characters People Absolutely Despise

Hot and spicy takes on otherwise loved characters.
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Entitled people who wanted stuff for free | Alex 2:31 Um?Excuse case wanted them 's where they are Alex Free Office Charis FREE bring them man Request Rating Mark as Sold Alex Free Office Charis Joined Facebook 2016 Alex ADD PEOPLE no car no way. See Lotest Updates Alex Is this still available? Alex can bring chairs Yes No, why would 1? They are free dude Alex pass. Lol Dr Alex LAZY BITCH Alex S Aa Wtf is wrong with dude haha

Entitled People and Their Ridiculous Demands

The nerve never ends.
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Askreddit stories of times when people were accused of something they didn't commit | PostItFrustrations 247 points 23 hours ago have lot these. But most ridiculous about 13 and got suspended getting fight on day home sick guess my friend got fight and they were so used finishing her fights they automatically assumed involved. And course my talking back gave detention wasn't reversed proved wasn't there.

People Who Were Accused of Crimes They Didn't Commit

It's hard to forget these moments, no matter how small.
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gordon ramsay angry rant about steak cooking fails

Gordon Ramsay Genuinely Angry In An Interview

Oh look, it's Gordon Ramsay angry about something again.
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Client sends angry threatening emails to contractor who breaks arm and says they'll turn in project late | Custom unit unfortunately won't be able build Hi unit by 12th Jan have fracture my second favourite arm. There's couple guys do good work can arrange something with if like. Cheers

Contractor Breaks Arm, Client Sends Threats Cause Of Late Project

What a nightmare.
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