funny bird memes

Birds Of Chaos Who Played By No Rules

They didn't even know rules exist.
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Karen goes through a series of angry mental gymnastics over a parking space.

Karen Goes Through Angry Mental Gymnastics Over Parking Space

Boss move, indeed.
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rage frustrating wtf cooking annoying friends angry story entitled vegan food - 15485445

Houseguest Demands Labor Intensive Vegan Meal, Isn't Even Vegan

Oh come on man.
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unhinged guy tries to buy expensive tv for cheap, flips out

Unhinged Lowballer Has Meltdown, Brags About IQ, Stays Mad

So there's people like this?
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A funny and spicy Tumblr post from an avid burrito connoisseur who was immensely displeased with his burrito.

Tumblr User Turns Unleashes Incredible Hulk Rage Over Burrito

You good, bro?
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inanimate objects that seem upset

Inanimate Objects That Seem a Bit Upset

That candy bar is not thrilled.
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funny ad for horrible chihuahua adoption

Woman Posts Ad For Prancer, The Most Irredeemable Dog

What more is there to say?
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Passive aggressive notes between neighbors

Passive Aggressive Notes from Angry Neighbors

Okay some are just regular aggressive.
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Antiques Roadshow fail cringe man disappointed with appraisal

Old Man Immeasurably Disappointed By Appraisal At Antiques Roadshow

Need more of this.
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funny video old man tries to pay for parking

Grandpa Attempts To Pay For Parking, Hilarity Ensues

Grandpa wasn't having it.
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double standards that people hate | rizzo1717 29.3k points 13 hours ago 45 2 4 3 3 3 3 More If owe company money will be charged interest/late fees/service interruption almost immediately after due date. If company owes money might see 4-6 weeks/2-3 billing cycles

Infuriating Double Standards People Can't Stand

It ain't right.
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Horrible Karen mistakes random person for employee | r/IDontWorkHerelLady Posted by ComedianXMI Karen vs Retail Veteran Someone my friend group keyed on this lovely sub after they had good laugh at some my stories. Over years grown loathe people who treat retail employees like garbage, and go out my way make fool them. So share one story now

Karen Mistakes Nametagged Dude for Employee, He Rolls With It

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entitled people with excessive demands | to secure your spot in ur wedding party the hings will be required: a promise to host a party must be couples) at a venue ther than someone's house. Your wedding gift must be ash/check of at least $500. You must buy me or depending on which side your n) a "day of" gift of at least 100. - You must atten every shower/party we have and will be required to purchase a gift for each one (with a value of at least $50). - You will sign a contract that hold

Entitled Folks and Their Demanding Boldness

They've gotta have it.
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cooking fail chef has breakdown freakout over food gravy

Chef Loses Mind Over Bad Gravy

Good gravy, he lost it.
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Small inconveniences that can drive people completely insane | WalkingOnPavement 3d 1 Award Always hearing water drip and never being able find source

Small Inconvenience Curses That Could Drive People Insane

Pebble at the bottom of the shoe, but never able to find it.
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supercut video of angry Gordon Ramsay smashing things

A Supercut of Angry Gordon Ramsay Smashing Things

Don't ever prepare raw salmon for this man.
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