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That Should Freak Out the Kids Just Fine

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Are You Having Fun, Son?

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The Concussion-Whirl is My Favorite Ride!

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She Wanted to Go Somewhere Else For Vacation

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Classic: Janice Really Needs to Listen to This Poor Kid

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

kids amusement park parenting - 8057910528

This Attraction is Not Working as Advertised

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Would You be Crazy Enough to Try This?

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A Classy Ride on Splash Mountain

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Keep a Steady Hand!

balance amusement park jenga roller coaster - 7377866752

Accidental Creepy FAIL

ride creepy amusement park - 7093901568

The Circle of Fun

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Lonely Rider FAIL

ride forever alone amusement park jurassic park - 6897618432

Sign Wording FAIL

sign wording accidental racism amusement park - 6657398272
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WIN!: Fun on the Coaster WIN

amusement park bored roller coaster whee - 6577071872
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FAIL Nation: Fun Amusement Ride FAIL

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