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Amusement park ride operator gets revenge on Karen

Amusement Park Ride Operator Gets Justice On Rude Karen

"Want the ride to stop? Okay."
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humor surprising birds amusement park ridiculous seagull funny Video - 107133953

Seagull Gives Girl On Sling Shot Ride A Face High Five

She wasn't about it.
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FAIL amusement park cringe ridiculous funny Video - 107013377

Six Flags Zombie Auditions

Respect the hustle.
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video of guy's fake tooth falling out on slingshot ride

Dude Loses Fake Tooth On Slingshot Ride, Has to Come Clean

Well, time to get honest real fast.
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impressive water slide amusement park awesome malaysia Video win - 106370817

World's Longest Waterslide at Escape Theme Park in Malaysia

Yeah, that's epic.
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star wars amusement park ridiculous funny Video disneyland - 101034497

Stormtrooper Destroys Lightsaber-Wielding Man

The force wasn't strong enough with that one.
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ride scary FAIL amusement park florida launch intense slingshot - 99002113

Slingshot Ride Cable Snaps Right Before Launch

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ride kid amusement park mom funny Video stupid slingshot - 98947841

Kid On Slingshot Ride Won't Stop Complaining About His Nuts Hurting

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dad joke about amusement park manipulation

Badass Dad Takes Final Stand Against Big Business Takeover (17 Tweets)

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ride revenge amusement park awesome line dad family funny - 7850757

Genius Dad Gets Well-Timed Revenge on Six Flags Line Cutters

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amusement park rides weird - 85144321

Here It Is: The Worst Amusement Park Ride in the World

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amusement park daughter parents scared - 79515649

Little Girl Passes out from Pure Terror During Amusement Park Ride

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amusement park snowboarding winter Video water park - 77532417

It's Winter, Why Not Use the Water Park As Your Own Snowmusement Park!

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That Should Freak Out the Kids Just Fine

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Are You Having Fun, Son?

kids amusement park expression parenting roller coaster - 8427586816
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The Concussion-Whirl is My Favorite Ride!

ouch gifs amusement park - 8403502336
Via Brown Cardigan
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