Tumblr Thread on Patrol Ghost Ship Submarines | pipistrellus STILL ON PATROL learned something new and horrifying today which is no submarine is ever considered "lost there is apparently tradition U.S. Navy no submarine is ever lost. Those go sea and do not return are considered be "still on patrol There is monument about this along canal near here its worst thing have ever seen says "STILL ON PATROL huge letters and then goes on specify exactly many WWII submarine ghosts are STILL OUT THERE

Tumblr Thread: The Still On-Patrol Submarines

Yeah, that's wild.
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commercial awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger lol Japan amazing funny weird - 106652673

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Amazing 90s Japanese Energy Drink Commercials

They are better than you'd expect.
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cool Music awesome amazing supercut Video - 106602241

Supercut Of Legendary Sax Battle In NYC In 2013 Is Epic

Um, so this is absolutely amazing.
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video of machines that balance themselves

Self-Balancing Machines are Some Satisfying Engineering

Yes, stay upright you wheeled miracles.
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Twitter thread about how Triscuits derived their name from biscuits made by electricity

Twitter Thread: Triscuit's Name is Derived From "Electricity Biscuit"

The intriguing explanation everyone was clamoring for.
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Guy falls unconscious and begins to fall off balcony but is then saved by bystanders

Dude Faints, Tips Over Balcony, Gets Saved

That was close.
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helicopter ejection is a rocket attached to a man

Helicopter Ejection System is Basically a Rocket Tied to a Dude

Any volunteers?
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lady buys wired mouse and gets angry at tech support when it isn't wireless

Lady Buys Wired Mouse, Is Angry It Isn't Wireless

It takes all kinds.
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video demonstration of robot with microfilament muscle technology

Muscular Robot Is the Beginning Of The End for the Everyman

Just what we needed. Swarthy robots.
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musician plays a 14 string guitar

14-String Guitar Is 8 Better Than Normal Guitar

It's like watching someone play a hammock.
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strange things teachers had to confiscate from students

Weirdest Things Teachers Had To Confiscate

There's never a dull moment.
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Skillfully made but very weird creations | realistic human face made out of meat with olives for eyes | Chernobyl nuclear disaster snow globe

Skillful Creations of Questionable Taste

"No, it's good, but yikes."
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business names that are puns |  THORASSIC PARK 21ST CENTURY CHIROPRACTIC Jurassic park | PLANET GRAPES WINES SPIRITS 020 7405 4912 NETOFTHEGRAPES.CO.UK Planet of the apes

Pun Business Names That Really Went For It

Let's make chiropractics fun!
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entitled people with big demands | Nextdoor KAREN Kelly Spotted 2 kids selling lemonade at stand without license. Looked anywhere between 7- 10 confronted these kids, and they told they did not have license. Both had brown hair. Parents, check with kids make sure are not compromising our local safety. |giuten-free-pussy know fact told this story on here be- fore but l'll never get over time working retail and cashing out some lady so asked "cash, debit or credit are paying, ma'am And she said

Entitled People and Their Goofy Demands

It never stops.
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Jurassic Park trailer with Pee-wee Herman as dinosaurs

Jurassic Park Trailer But Every Dinosaur Is Pee-wee Herman

Oh no.
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funny history memes, stories and moments | thatsbelievable Follow Best Gorilla Joke 1897 Gorilla: Did hear about gorilla who escaped zoo? Zookeeper: No did not. Gorilla is because am quiet gorilla Muffled sounds gorilla violence angelnumber27 Follow people 1897 were mentally 2030 | mygoodbabushka 1930, Helene Adelaide Shelby patented an apparatus obtaining criminal confessions police put suspect into darkened chamber where they are confronted by human skeleton with glowing red eyes questions the

Funny History Memes and Moments That Put Things In Perspective

History is weird. People are weird.
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