AITA for saying my father needs to stop having kids?

Daughter Scolds Absent Father For Having Too Many Kids

You know it's a problem when your own daughter tells you to stop procreating.
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AITA for firing an employee returning from maternity leave?

'I had to do right by the team': Horrible boss fails to justify firing new single mother after she returns to work

Just when you thought horrible bosses couldn't get any worse...
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aita marriage marriage-issue relationships Cats dating pets pet - 18045701

'He kept complaining about how the cat was annoying him': Husband secretly sells wife's cat and gets kicked out

When you adopt a pet, you sign a moral agreement to love it unconditionally and take care of it to the very best of your capability and ability. It's no small thing, taking on responsibility for another living thing. That's why it's something that is best not done lightly, lest you find yourself unprepared and incapable of taking care of the said living thing. It sometimes happens despite careful research and preparation, circumstances change, and we find ourselves needing desperately to re-hom…
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AITA for giving my son's dog to his ex-wife?

Cheating Husband Moves Back Home, Mom Gives His Dog Back to His Ex-Wife

She's taking the dog, dumba$$!
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AITA for losing it on my husband for lying about an emergency to get me to leave my brother's wedding early?

Man-Child Fakes Emergency So His Wife Will Leave Her Brother's Wedding and Come Home

It's crazy what people will do for attention.
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"Yesterday Mary texted me that her dad is flying out for graduation and she is looking for hotels but they’re too expensive so he needs to stay in my bedroom. I was very confused and taken aback by this request because it seemed completely strange and inappropriate." |  AITA if I don’t let my roommates dad sleep in my bed?

'She said that we need to leave': Roommate insists that her father will be staying in female roommate's bed, internet disagrees

Living with people, whether strangers or friends, is a gallimaufry of strange and weird experiences. Everyone's a little odd in their own way, and our strange habits have a way of manifesting themselves in the worst way possible when in a joint living situation. (Good thing that, even in 2018, one in three adults lived with an adult roommate.) All things considered, a little bit of strange is a best-case scenario… As there is no end to the horrible ordeals that a terrible roommate can inflict u…
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"AITA for asking a bakery if the pastries they were selling me were made that day? I went to a bakery when they opened (7 AM) asking about pastries; she told me that* the ones I wanted were not ready yet."

'She was extremely offended.' Rude dude demands fresh pastries despite already being told they were fresh

The unspoken meaning of words can say more than the words themselves. For this reason, it's always best to guard one's words carefully to ensure that you don't accidentally give the wrong impression or make the wrong implication. That's what this guy failed to consider when he basically accused a bakery owner of lying to him when he insisted on receiving only fresh pastries. He had already been into the bakery earlier in the day and been told that the pastry he was after was not ready yet. When…
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AITA for refusing to share my food with this one specific colleague?

Boss Buys the Office McDonalds, Coworker Experiences Fallout for Stealing All the Chicken Nuggets

That old preschool "sharing is caring" lesson does not apply to the workplace!
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AITA for reporting my boss, over a nickname?

Only Female Employee in the Office Discovers Her Boss and Male Colleagues Call Her Jessica Rabbit

Guys, it's not a compliment!
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AITA for refusing to delete a recording I have of my brother-in-law's wife telling me my husband was only tolerating me now because I was pregnant?

Woman Records Brother-in-Law's Wife Being Nasty, Threatens to Expose Her So She Leaves Her Alone

Nothing like recording your evil in-laws and threatening to expose them to your partner for who they really are!
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AITA for doing a cop photo shoot because of what my ex did?

Woman's Ex-Boyfriend Calls the Cops When He Moves Out, She Mocks Him With a Cop Photo Shoot

Nothing like a bottle of wine and two Party City cop costumes to get proper revenge on your ex.
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AITA for attending my son's ex-girlfriend's graduation over his own?

Mom Lets Son's Ex-Girlfriend Stay With Her, Then Attends Her Graduation Instead of His

At first, it seemed like this woman was a saint. Then, it became clear that she straight up liked her son's ex more than her son.
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AITA for telling a stranger "it's weird you chose to sit right next to me when there's so many other seats available" on the public transit?

Creepy Guy Gets Called Out for Sitting Next to Passenger on Empty Train

There should be a rule that creepy people don't get to take public transit.
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AITA for giving my son's ex a "reality check?"

Girlfriend Gets Dumped, Goes to Ex's Mom for Support and Leaves Crying

This is just another classic story of boy meets girl, boy and girl break up, girl cries about it to boy's mother!
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AITA for ripping up a check in front of my husband?

'I pulled the check out and ripped it up': Pregnant wife learns husband used her parents' baby money to buy a PlayStation

This pregnant woman learned that her husband, who only works part-time, purchased a Playstation with one of the checks her parents gave them for expenses related to the baby. Perhaps he thought that money applied to him since he was acting like an infant himself!
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AITA for seeking my biological father after learning I'm the child of infidelity and being shipped to live with grandparents?

Teenager Learns He is a Child of Infidelity, Seeks Out Biological Father Against Parents' Wishes

The kids are not all right! This is the kind of Reddit thread that will 100% be adapted into a movie.
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