employee buys train ticket but boss demands they buy a more expensive plane ticket

Employee Buys Train Ticket, Furious Boss Demands They Buy Plane Ticket At 3X The Cost

Hey man, it's your money.
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videographer told by TSA one electronic per tray and he has a lot of electronics

TSA Orders Videographer To Screen Electronics Individually, He Has Dozens

It was a long day at the airport.
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Twitter thread story of dad's abandoned plane in India

Twitter Thread: Dude Tells The Tale of The Abandoned Plane At An Indian Airport

What a wild ride.
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entitled mom demands flyer entertain her kid, flyer refuses and confrontation ensues

Entitled Mom Demands Fellow Flyer Entertain Her Kid, Flyer Has None Of It

There are a few kinds of flyers.
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entitled dad leaves kids with stranger on airplane

Entitled Dad Leaves Kids On Plane With Stranger, Ends Up Wholesomely

A questionable dad move.
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spiders wtf nope australia Damn Nature U Scary plane airplane - 107119873

Giant Spider Falls On Pilot During Landing

Oh, cool.
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cool wtf car technology plane win airplane flying - 107045889

Literal Flying Car Makes First Inter-City Flight

Finally, people in the 2020s can have what people in the 50s thought they'd have by the 80s.
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wtf landing plane lol funny win airplane - 106994689

Crazy Headwind Has Plane Landing Like A Helicopter

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story of overworked flight attendant who played a plane crash movie on an airplane

Overworked Flight Attendant Told To Play "Interesting" Movie, Plays Disaster Film

Well she definitely found a riveting one.
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crazy pilot Video airplane flying - 106798593

FA-18 "Super Hornet" Shatters Sound Barrier

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risky dangerous Video airplane - 106743809

Plane Nails Crash Landing During Cocoa Beach Air Show

Completely crushed it.
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pilot helps stuck RC airplane

Pilot Bros Fish An RC Airplane Out Of A Tree

A shining moment for humanity.
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crazy video of a pilot emergency landing with a missing door airplane disaster

Emergency Crash Landing A Plane After The Door Flies Off

Way too close of a call there.
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hiker finds site of airplane crash

Man Stumbles On Airplane Crash While Out Hiking

Not the typical hike.
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Plane makes amazing emergency landing on highway

Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Highway

"If you look on your right you will see an SUV."
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News video of a pilot reporting a guy in a jet pack near his plane

Pilot Reports Random Jet Pack Guy at 3,000 Feet

Okay then...
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