15 corporate fail images | thumbnail left "Walmart Saratoga Springs - Old Gick Rd 13 mins • · O Here at store Saratoga Springs, we have some pretty cool people. We would like to thank associate's name! Thanks for doing such a great job, associate's name. We appreciate #WalmartFamily you! Fine Jewelry Reusable Shopping 14 122 Proud Walmart* Associate ROBIN BARS ro" thumbnail right reebok ad "cheat on your girlfriend not your workout"

Corporate Fails To Laugh At While You Take A Two Hour Lunch Break

S m to the h
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museum for fails

Museum of Failure in LA Is The Ultimate Collection of Fails

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food advertisement secrets

15 Nauseating Food Advertising Secrets

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advertising Ad wins stranger things durex netflix win - 4909573

24 Clever Advertising Wins that Make It Seem like Corporations Have a Soul

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advertising united kingdom chicken marketing kfc - 4881669

KFC UK’s Chicken Shortage Apology is Actually Pretty Good

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advertising facebook social media Video - 84028673

Here's a Quick Run Down of How Much Facebook is Really Collecting on You

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So Was Harambe, But Now They're Both Gone

funny twitter image old enough to remember apple ads were based on headphones
Via @aaronwiener

It's Not Even 'Christmas in July' Yet, Christ

It's Not Even 'Christmas in July' Yet, Christ
Via MorgianFreeman
advertising FAIL holidays - 468740

How To Go From the Friend Zone to a Felony

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Juxtapostion FAIL

ads advertising meta world of warcraft - 5020221952
Created by NeverwaY
advertising ads Video g rated win - 63022337

This Smart Car Has Some Clever Advertising

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Now That's Advertising

advertising sign coke Rum funny - 8209020928
Created by Unknown

How to Advertise Right

advertising Cats pets - 8176304640

Who Doesn't Love Fruit?

advertising men vs women underwear g rated dating - 8172260096
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Flo, We Need to Have a Talk. Also, Give Me My Stapler Back.

advertising marketing what - 8152347392
Via Flo

Shock the Customer into Wanting Cell Service!

advertising billboard texting - 8143933184
Via I Heart Chaos
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