things people only understood after they got old

Things People Only Understood When They Got Older

Like a ton of bricks.
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A funny and relatable Tumblr thread about how to adult effectively.

Tumblr Thread: Hacks On Adulting Effectively

Adulting is easier said than done.
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Married people describe various things that they wish that unmarried people knew.

Things Married People Wish That Unmarried People Knew

Marriage isn't for everyone.
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A collection of highly entertaining parenting memes.

Parenting Memes For The World's Sleep-Deprived Parents

Parenting's quite the emotional rollercoaster.
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People describe the exaggerated warnings that they received when younger that seem terribly blown out of proportion.

Exaggerated Warnings People Got When They Were Younger

Poor guidance to say the least.
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funny family memes about growing up

Family Memes About The Joys Of Domestic Life

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Men describe the various ways that they simply refuse to grow up.

Men Describe The Ways That They Refuse To Grow Up

Growing up gets old after a while.
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A collection of helpful life pro tips that could come in handy.

Helpful Life Pro Tips That Could Come In Handy

Love us some life pro tips.
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A new mom asks her husband to stop posting on social media about how he's so exhausted all the time.

New Mom Asks Husband To Stop Social Media Posting About Exhaustion

Parenting is no small feat.
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A collection of the strangest and dumbest things that adults have believed in.

Strangest/Dumbest Things Adults Believed

These are far out.
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People describe various adult problems that they definitely weren't ready for.

Adult Problems That People Definitely Weren't Ready For

Adulting can be quite the challenge.
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A collection of the most illogical things that people's parents insist on doing.

Most Illogical Things People's Parents Do

Well, that's awesome and nonsensical.
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cooking tips from chefs | porkedpie1 10.5k points 1 day ago edited 20 hours ago Three or four times amount butter and salt is big part why food doesn't taste like restaurant food.

Chefs Share Basic Cooking Tips for The Masses

Become flavor..
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A collection of things that got way harder as people got older reddit thread | Rockettokojiro monkey bars

Things That Got Way Harder With Age

Literal growing pains.
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A collection of funny parenting memes that hit the spot |  HALF ASLEEP AND CHILD IS STANDING NEXT BED STARING AT Harry Potter professor Snape looking scared

Parenting Memes For All The Exhausted Adults

Parenting is not a game.
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A Tumblr thread with various life hacks to adult effectively | Some shit about life bonafide adult even if get along great with family will get along even better with them after moving out generic is almost always just as good as name brand. But there are some things never buy generic, including: peanut butter, ketchup, liquid NyQuil, Chips- Ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies just imagine person on other end phone hates talking on phone as much as do. Even receptionist worked as one and hate talk

Tumblr Thread: Life Hacks To Adult Effectively

Adulting is overrated, but we've gotta do it.
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