beer ads yogurt funny Video - 68313857

If Beer Were Advertised Like Yogurt

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wtf university ads sexy Video college - 68112641

A Sexy and Weird Add for the University of Moncton

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I Hope That's a Beer Belly

girl with a belly drinking beer
Via Jason Wilk

Just Because It's True, Doesn't Mean it Doesn't Hurt

Sexy Ladies wtf ads funny - 8422548992
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beer Newcastle ads funny Video - 67751425

What the Hell Is Newcastle Trying to Sell?

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It Just Rains Beer?

beer budweiser ads funny vintage - 8418880512
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beer ads love funny - 67636737

The Love You're Looking For

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ads tampons funny Video - 67233281

What Would Happen if Dudes Wrote a Tampon Commercial?

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That's Pretty Much Everyday

beer ads guinness turtle funny vintage - 8402616320
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Tequila Ads Are Getting Weird

wtf Drake tequila ads funny - 8396902144
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Solid Advertising for Local Schools!

wtf ads funny - 8395045376
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I've Never Wanted to Visit the Dentist So Badly Before

Sexy Ladies dentist ads funny vintage - 8387067136
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Yes, Choose a Better Beer

beer ads funny vintage - 8386180352
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Beer Belongs at Thanksgiving

beer thanksgiving ads funny vintage - 8387113728
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commercial beer ads funny Video - 66436097

My New Favorite Beer Commercial

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snapchat ads Video - 66324225

Snapchat Has a New Feature Called "Snapcash," Where You Can Send Money to Your Friends Through Snapchat. Cool Idea, Awful Advertisement...

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