I'm Looking for Someone Who's On My Level

dating funny ads I'm Looking for Someone Who's On My Level
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You're Sending Mixed Messages Facebook

funny drinking ads You're Sending Mixed Messages Facebook
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What a Deal

free half beer left at a pub
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Juxtapostion FAIL

ads advertising meta world of warcraft - 5020221952
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Hair Be Lookin' Like a Wet Skunk

hair ads - 7335023360
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Now THESE Ads I Can Live With!

ads - 6303020800
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Sometimes You Just Want to Dance for Your Beer

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Get Drunk and Have a 3 Way

a revolutionary wine threesome
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beer ads funny rugby Video after 12 - 68888065

The Greatest Beer Vending Machine

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British Travel Ads Hope You Get Some

go to america and get laid!
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Slob Had a Whole Different Meaning in the 70s

slob is just a drunk driver
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Damn Mickey, That's Raunchy

now that's some sexy mickey milk
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What the Hell Is Going On Here?

Three wild and crazy guys drinking grain belt
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Who Makes That Face?

This is why you stay away from bitter beer
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Your Dad Hides Beer in the Well?

schlitz vintage ads with beer in a well
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Beer Advertised Like Yogurt

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