AITA for telling my daughter that her grades are more important than her pain right now?

'Her grades matter more than her pain': Mom dismisses daughter's injuries from a car accident as justification for low grades

Mothers and daughters, am I right?
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wtf whoops accident cars crash mistake - 107825921

Driving Student Son Flips Car At Remarkably Low Speed

Maybe none of us should feel so bad for scuffing some paint off of our parent's cars in high school. So pat yourself on the back everyone, for not overturning your dad's car at two miles an hour. And if you have done this, maybe feel a little bad about yourself.
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wtf FAIL accident porsche motorcycle mistake - 107773697

Motorcyclist Tries To Race Porsche, Goes For Wheelie, Totals Bike

This guy did a magnificent roll as his bike exploded, and it's remarkable that he was able to walk around after this. But once that adrenaline wore off he most likely discovered that his body could be sore in ways he never thought possible.
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funny design failures of packaging, installation and construction | QUESO TILSIT NATURAL slices of cheese imprinted with green ink logos | BUSZKA Funeral Home Inc. Commitment Curing Disney font

Weird and Self-Defeating Failures of Design

They could have used a second opinion.
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video of smelter crane accidently tipping molten aluminum, spilling everywhere

Smelter Spills Liquid Aluminum Everywhere

The floor is lava!
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FAIL accident awesome driving dangerous Video - 106354945

Motorcyclist Suddenly Becomes Stuntman

Stuck the landing.
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foot smell leads guy to ER when he falls

Guy's Foot Odor Inadvertently Sends Him To The Hospital

That bad, huh?
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A collection of times that people ended up failing in unforgettably spectacular fashion.

People That Failed In Unforgettably Spectacular Fashion

We all have our off days.
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Car gets swallowed by sinkhole in India

Car Zoops Directly Into Sinkhole

Time for a dip.
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messes, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: It Goes On

And on and on.
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Girl accidentally hides her uncle's car keys for seven years.

Girl Accidentally Hides Uncle's Car Keys For 7 Years

That's an oops.
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A student fails to properly check their backup files before IT goes and wipes the computer.

Student Fails To Properly Check Backup Files Before IT Wipes Computer

A big whoops, indeed.
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Guys get UHaul stuck in low clearance parking garage and burst a pipe, spilling brown water all over the vehicle

Doofuses Cram A U-Haul Into A Parking Garage

It plays out like Dumb and Dumber.
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Video of motorcyclist hitting a tire on the freeway

Surprise Tire Upends Motoryclist

Alright that's terrifying.
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FAIL struggle accident ridiculous funny Video - 106545153

Man Opens Back Of Car, 30 Softballs Roll Out, Proceeds To Ponder Meaning Of Life

We all have our moments.
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Tired mother mistakes girl for pizza restaurant employee, learns otherwise. | r/IDontWorkHereLady u/storyskeller •6d Join 10 grim darkness far future, there is only Pizza XXXL Disclaimers: on mobile, English not my first language. Also, if want read on YouTube have ask my permission state upfront this story doesn't have Karen happened back 2006 didn't happen per se, but one people our group and witness.

Tired Mother Mistakes Girl For Employee, Learns Otherwise

Would've loved to have seen the costumes.
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