absolute units and big things

Absolute Units That Put This Small World To Shame

Now that's at least a Banananana.
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nice wholesome things people did

Wholesome Things People Did For The Love Of The Game

Being nice is nice.
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liminal space twitter thread

Dude Live Tweets His Foray Into Creepy Liminal Space

It doesn't make sense in there.
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Resilient trees growing in and through many things | tree growing out of a SPEED LIMIT 25 sign branches coming out from the top of it | small tree plant growing from a crack in the pavement

Resilient Trees that Don't Give A Heck

They are literally incapable of caring.
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funny and weird confusing perspective moments

Double Take Moments of Warped Perspective

Ah! Oh.
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interesting colorblind problems | PondRides 10 hours ago On my stepdads behalf say he doesn't know kitchen utensils are all pink. And also time he got my mom fluffy "pink" robe Christmas, but actually green.

Unexpected Problems Colorblind People Deal With

All this dang color is everywhere!
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satisfying and pleasing things

Delectably Aesthetic Images of Satisfying Perfection

Mmmm yesss.
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Tumblr story about mom who uses fandom words of power to request help

Tumblr User's Mom Discovers Cosplayer Words Of Power To Summon Aid

Alright that's great.
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strange and rare things people are in the 1% of

Intriguingly Rare Populations People Are In The 1% Of

Everyone's got a thing.
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WoW wtf saved stadium Cats - 107398145

Stadium Cat Hangs In There, Falls, Makes It

Wow, it's just like the famous poster.
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tumblr user schooled on significance of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tumblr User Schooled On Rocky Horror Being Problematic

Tim Curry wore lingerie for us all.
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wholesome WoW mr rogers observation parenting mom Video - 107145217

Mr. Rogers' Observation Hits Mom Like A Ton Of Bricks

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Candid camera tries to prank Mr. Rogers but he is too nice.

The Time Mr. Rogers Was Unflappable on Candid Camera

The man was just too wholesome.
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Robotic arm places things very quickly

Crazy Fast Robot Arm is a Terrifying Reminder That We Have Less Fast Arms

It's an arms race.
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explosives used to hydroform tanks into spheres

Making A Batch of Metal Spheres With Explosives

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WoW wtf close call skiing Video - 106624513

Drone Falls During Ski Race, Almost Hits Skiier

Those were the days.
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