Troll Creates Fake Target Customer Service Account, Responds To Gender-Neutral Haters

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Sassy Target

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Target Employees Are All About Free Love

what a kisser matt is
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Think About it, Just Think About That Comment for a Second

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Where's the "Jesus Sends His Regards" Section?!

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Carts Are for Quitters, Winners Take a Bunch of Baskets

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Someone's Trying to Send a Message

monday thru friday letters retail Target - 8438671872
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This Scanner is Amazing!

monday thru friday kids retail parenting Target - 8433503232
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Big Box Retailers Have it in for You!

conspiracy what Target store - 8422061824
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"Have the Blank Name Tags Arrived Yet?"

monday thru friday name tag Target g rated - 8400237056
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motivational shopping black friday Target Video - 66818305

Motivational Speech of the Day: Target Guy Gives Epic Pep Talk Before Black Friday

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See, I'm Not Too Big to Sit Here!

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Label Maker + Disgruntled Staff = This

monday thru friday customer service retail work Target g rated - 8195847168
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I See What You Did There

monday thru friday work I see what you did there Target - 8132570368
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Target's Photoshop Disaster Accidentally Makes Crotchless Swimwear, for "Juniors"

facepalm photoshop Target - 8102364928
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Target is Really Just Asking for it

bad idea urinal Target - 7970341376
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