restoring faith in humanity week

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Relentless Kentucky Man Plays D3ad on Camera, Begging to be Cast as an Extra on TV, Within a Year He is Finally Hired for CSI

Honestly, this is an excellent portfolio of un-alive body experience.
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A Twitter thread about a guy making an assumption about his classmate always saving him a desk.

Guy's Pure Twitter Thread Is Lesson In Not Judging People

Solid friendship origin story.
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Girl creates a fairy garden, so a woman pretends to be her neighborly fairy for months.

Girl Creates Fairy Garden, Woman Pretends To Be Fairy Pen Pal, Feels Trip Ensues

Someone's cutting onions in here, man.
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Man asks if he's in the wrong for not selling his flat to the highest bidder.

Woman Asks If She's In The Wrong For Refusing To Sell Flat To Highest Bidder

What a guy.
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impressive history awesome helpful driving restoring faith in humanity week Video win - 107252737

Man Forges Interstate Highway Sign On LA To Help People Avoid Getting Lost

Dude should've gotten a key to the city.
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A funny Tumblr post about inspiration behind artist's ice cream art piece.

Tumblr Post: Inspiration Behind Ruby Carving Is Pure Gold

Absolutely love it.
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A moving Tumblr thread on the power of doing good recklessly in life. | tami-taylors-hair line at Aldi and this girl with two toddlers front had her card declined and she looked so fucking sad and said "let call my husband real quick" and only 18 dollars, so just paid and she very sweet and then as she walked off lady behind said know probably scam, right and like, even if like sad fucking scam, right? 18 dollars at Aldi. If scamming some Tyson chicken and apple juice and cauliflower, then just

Tumblr Thread: The Profound Power Of Doing Good Recklessly

Just be good to one another.
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Little brother writes emotional notes for his sister while she's crying in the bathroom | tweet by annieedagrannie so locked myself bathroom bawling my eyes out and next thing know my 10 year old brother slides these notes under door don't deserve him

Little Brother Writes Emotional Notes For Sister Crying In The Bathroom

What an amazing little brother.
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heartwarming inspirational video teacher helps student overcome speech impairment

Teacher Helps Student Overcome Severe Stammer

We're not crying, you're crying.
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Man accidentally added to family group chat ends up making a wholesome donation | ll AT&T 10:19 AM 170% M 3 People Meemaw Zach so excited about little baby girl coming today will be praying everything go perfect y'all love Send us lots pictures her M Today 9:20 AM Thank so much just got here and Sierra is bed will send as many pictures as can!

Man Mistakenly Added To Group Chat Makes Wholesome Donation

This was too wholesome for its own good.
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People describe the compliments they received and never forgot about | WeReWaTcHiNgYoUU 20h About 4-5 years ago girl my college class said had nice pants looked at those pants like they were cure cancer after day. Reply 9.7k

Compliments People Never Forgot Receiving

These are just too sweet.
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Wholesome greentexts that will uplift people's spirits | Anonymous >Havent been so happy lately >So stressed feel like need escape >But its not just Miraculously have family to0 >But makes even more stressful >My mind feels like balloon, stretched full with toxic worries >Today take my son school day >l just stood there with him silently, caught this negative feedback loop shame and stress >He took my hand >And squeezed warmly looked down at him, smiling

Wholesome Wednesday: Uplifting Greentexts

Everyone needs a good cry every now and again.
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wholesome tumblr

5 Wholesome Tumblr Posts To Kickstart Your (Temporary) Faith In Humanity

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wholesome encounter with Canadians

People Share Their Most Wonderfully Wholesome Encounters With Canadians

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wholesome parenting restoring faith in humanity week Video win - 497158

Two Daring Brothers Steal Their Dad's Motorcycle To Surprise Restore And Gift It Back To Him

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twitter restoring faith in humanity week fish job coworkers - 6927109

Woman's Twitter Thread About Thoughtful Coworkers (Temporarily) Restores Our Faith In Humanity

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