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Teacher's No Hats Policy Meets Match In Recent Car Crash Survivor

It's interesting how quickly priorities can shift. In one moment everyone's all up in arms about hat wearing, and the next moment the teacher is yelling at you to spare everyone the pulsing, leaking nightmare of your Jason Vorhees-like scalp. All we're asking for is a little consistency, but that's a separate tragedy. Here are some other dumb rules schools enforced.
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Student Reports Professor When He Fails Her For Doing Entire Group Project Solo, Won't Respond to His Emails, Gets Fired

He's probably one of the guys who didn't pull their weight on group projects.
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University Student Gives it Straight to Her Professor and Tells Him He's Delivering Bad Service to His Customers

Girl calls her university professor out on his lack of interest in teaching.
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student appeals failing grade, gets justice against bad professor

Unfair Teacher Fails Half Of Class, Student Settles The Score

Gotta learn somehow.
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College professors describe the most unbelievably dumb things that their students did.

Professors Share Most Unbelievably Dumb Things Students Did

So hopelessly lost.
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bad professor doesn't let student with ADHD use tablet, gets fired | Posted by u/KiSpacePanda Tell drop class if don't like rules? Okay, then lose 5 students and job. oc M This happened years ago but post on here reminded So freshman college registered basic ass English 102 course doubled as humanities credit thought “great, two birds one stone" despite Rate My Professor this class being abysmal at best.

Rude Professor Won't Allow ADA Compliant Tablet, Pays for It

Why be like this?
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Dudes Avoid Chaotic Evil With Skimpy Outfits And Love

Love conquers all.
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Professor insists that student puts lengthy essay on one page, so student complies. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Lunatic976 5d 10 3 6 3 4 8 3 1 need long essay on SINGLE page Yes, ma'am. M college sophomore had this professor, Mrs. Wang Religion Studies who would act like her subject should be our top priority. Although came different majors, Religion Studies is just filler subject needed students this Catholic college.

Professor Insists On Lengthy Essay Being On One Page, Students Comply

Tough luck, teach.
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Tumblr story of a professor who had a creepy close call | kvinnfolk wanna hear wild story? my brother's history professor is closing on 80 and basically lives at university. one night my brother visited him meeting, and came up my brother gonna be performing as court jester at castle following day. and his professor busts out ah reminds my youth he then proceeded tell tale he and his friends went backpacking greece back their early 20s. then one day they found themselves completely penniless. so

Professor's Greek Beach Tale is a Crazy Close Call

Not sure how relatable the moral is here.
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Student turns in essay with joke name for professor | zo Zoeyoxley Follow series unfortunate events: Wers Se Clth es mw 21 Tu ig -FAR100eLECJALL 20 turnitin Aint inbe sigments ass, vw adationel assgnment Welcome new class homepagal cless homepage werraton, subrt work, and acess foectack papes Hover on any hem cias homepage tor mon intomtion Class Homepage Thisa cless homepage o subnt an assignment click on he na buton t ansignet rame Fhe Snt buton ia grayed out no sbniions can be

The Time a Student Got Their Professor's Name Incredibly Wrong

Somehow it worked out.
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Grouchy professor tells students all calls must be made publicly, so student gets silly calls | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Ghettoceratops 3 hours ago can take calls, but will be whole class hear. oc M Back my college days taking Ancient History class with notoriously grouchy professor will just call Prof. He super old school and ripe sack horse apples. He hated technology and insisted on using an analogue projector with actual film slides because they were "more reliable" despite fact he

Dude Turns Grouchy Professor's Phone Policy Into Prank

When life gives you lemons, make prank phone calls.
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Professor Greets Class Everyday With "Whazaaaa" From Budweiser Commercials

That's one way to start class.
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Professor tries to dismiss a student with a visual impairment, and the student makes sure they see the door.

Professor Tries To Dismiss Student With Visual Impairment

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Physics professor smoothly dismantles flat earth theory.

Physics Professor Smoothly Dismantles Flat Earthers

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campus drama

19 Professors And University Employees Reveal Campus Dramas Students Never Knew About

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crazy excuses students gave teachers

14 Ridiculous Excuses Students Have Told Teachers

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