Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

Wow, that went dark fast. Also worth checking out the Funny Memes Tag or the often updated listicle of the funnest funny memes -based on advanced internets.

wholesome memes

Wholesome Memes To Keep The Good Vibes Flowing

That's the stuff.
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funny guy fieri memes

Guy Fieri Memes To Get But A Taste Of Flavortown

The Duchy of Flavorton.
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funny weird and cursed food memes

Humorous and Heinous Food Memes To Pack That Gullet

Already seen enough today.
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fallout Memes - 16754437

'Fallout' Memes to Leave Your Sides Bursting at the Seams (March 30th, 2022)

Feast your eyes on this treasured collection of marvelous Fallout memes. Each one should take you right back to your days trudging through the wastelands of post-apocalyptic wonder with your trusted companion, Dogmeat, at your side. They might even help you brush off the disappointment of Fallout 76. The only thing to ensure is that you end up in the correct Vault. Hopefully, one that's sole purpose wasn't the conduction of some cruel experiment on its unwitting subjects. Was there ever a meme…
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funny NFT memes

NFT Memes And Jokes To Send To That Friend Who Bought Into It

Goodbye money.
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funny tumblr gems

Tumblr Gems To Help Deal With That Sinking Feeling

That's some good stuff.
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When your favorite co-worker doesn't show up to work... | When the boss is coming and you need to pretend you're doing something.

40 Work Memes to Start Your Week Off Right (March 21, 2022)

It's crazy, isn't it? The idea that, for years, we all would get up at 5 AM to commute an hour into a collective working area where we would then sit in our drab cloth square, surrounded by tens of other cloth squares. We would engage in meaningless interactions with fellow square inhabitants when cornered by them in communal areas and pass awkwardly by their cloth squares when making our fifth bathroom trip of the morning. Communication was done in code, a specific dialect that an outsider wou…
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Tolkien Thursday | Weekly list of memes | Lord of the rings memes

Tolkien Thursday: 50 Lord of the Rings Memes That Are More Brilliant Than the Silmarils (March 17, 2022)

A weekly round up of the best Lord of the Rings memes.
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20 Scottish Tweets | To attract men I just put something behind my ears | Picture of a Scottish Castle in Clouds

20 Memes From the Depraved Depths of Scottish Social Media (March 16, 2022)

This bizarre collection of tidbits into the Scottish way of life ae sure to make ye chuckle and blow a little air ou ye nostril. The interest in Scottish social media has long been trending on the internet, predominantly centering around ‘Scottish Twitter’ Thumbnail Image: George Hiles
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times people didn't understand jokes

Embarrassing Times People Tragically Didn't Get The Joke

Think about it.
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work memes work funny memes Memes workplace - 16621317

Monday Memes: 20 Workplace Memes to Battle The Monday Blues (March 14, 2022)

It's time to go back to poor a fresh cup of coffee, small talk with coworkers, and then gear up for another week behind the desk. You've got a long way to go until Friday afternoon rolls around but fear not, there will be plenty in store to keep you occupied this week. Tear through this list of work memes during your first 30-minute bathroom break as you wistfully dream of sunny days at the beach with a cool lemonade in hand. We'd now like to apologize in advance for the atrocity that is about…
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funny memes about memes

Memes About Memes To Worsen That Meme Dependency

Really go all in.
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nice wholesome memes

Wholesome Memes To Refill That Health Bar

Everyone needs a break
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funny dungeons and dragons memes

Dungeons And Dragons Memes For The Beautiful Dorks Out There

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specific and funny times people and stuff got singled out

Hilariously Specific Times People And Stuff Got Singled Out

Got 'em.
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funny lord of the rings memes

Lord of the Rings Memes Brighter Than the Jewels of Fëanor

What a perfect story.
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