Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

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fantasy games gaming Memes role playing dungeons and dragons memes funny dungeons and dragons - 16206085

Dungeons And Dragons Memes To Cast On Self

What's so great about reality anyway? Sure, it's where we live, but enough of us have lived in crappy apartments and worse towns to know that real life sometimes doesn't cut it. Here are some Dungeons and Dragons memes to tide you over until your next session, which hopefully you can schedule within the next few weeks if Bryan can get his stupid life together and show up this time.
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funny memes about food

Food Memes And Treats That Belong On The Top Shelf

Taste the quality.
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fake adam sandler is dead hoax viral on tiktok

"Adam Sandler Drowned...": A Sick Joke That's Gone Viral on TikTok

Quit toying with Adam Sandler fans' heart!
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16 frog memes | thumbnail left frogs with hats meme, thumbnail right frog floating in small yellow bucket meme "fishingboaproceeds where is he traveling justbananathepalidrome To the stars darlin, to the stars"

A Bountiful Heap Of Frog Memes To Inspire Ribbits And Laughs

Take a gander
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twitter student loans Memes twitter memes funny tweets - 16183813

24 Student Loan Tweets to Ease Your Suffering

Nothing funnier than overwhelming debt.
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technically accurate memes

Technically Accurate Moments That Are Basically Right

Yeah, okay sure.
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19 animal memes | thumbnail fish wikipedia image "boops" name's Bond, James Bond And ps Boops boops  thumbnail left " Due to recent events, morning screaming hours have been extended indefinitely"

A Silly Series Of Delightful Animal Memes For A Better Day

Animal memes and lots of 'em
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final boss funny memes Memes funny - 16173317

Final Boss Approaching. Get Ready For The Fight of Your Life!

"It's Over 9000!"
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Memes dungeons and dragons memes funny dungeons and dragons dnd - 16158469

A Delectable Dose of Delicious 'Dungeons and Dragons' Memes to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Get planning that next campaign with this hearty dose of 'Dungeons and Dragons' memes.
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nice wholesome memes to feel good | accomplishing basic adult responsibilities and being proud myself doing my best rat pushing a miniature shopping cart with a single egg in it | Has bee ever landed on and instead being scared appreciate possibility got confused flower

Wholesome Memes To Deploy Those Feels

Yes, very nice.
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funny mistaken people who missed jokes

Clueless People Who Missed The Joke By Miles

Are you serious?
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funny cat memes wholesome funny memes Memes wholesome memes - 16143109

A Heckin' Huge Heap of Wholesome Moments For Your Weekend

Settle down for the weekend with a little change of tune.
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homework kids teaching work teachers Memes lol funny - 16132357

Teaching Memes That Won't Really Make Anyone Learn Anything

Education is challenging for everyone involved. For students it's a matter of being able to pay attention when you're almost certain you could be spending your time more wisely. For teachers it's a matter of being engaging while dodging all the garbage the parents and the district try to throw at you. So here are some memes for the teachers and the people who deal with them. Honestly these are pretty much a lot like work memes but with the added challenge of having to deal with stupid people's…
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farts flatulence Memes lol dumb funny stupid fart - 16131845

Fart Memes To Let Loose Upon The Unsuspecting Public

If you don't think farts are funny, you're untrustworthy. Think about it. It's one of the only sources of humor that's completely universal and no one gets hurt permanently. There's absolutely no downside. So if you're out here saying this is childish, moronic, and only idiots could find this funny, you are right and you need to find some different company. Now here's a waffle maker that also makes farts.
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Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins gandalf lotr memes Memes lol perfect silly funny - 16133125

Lord Of The Rings Memes That Are More Fire Than A Balrog

What is it that we love so much about the Lord of The Rings trilogy? Could it be the perfect world-building? Perhaps it's the fact that the movie adaptations were cast excellently and made us feel like we were really there in Middle Earth? Or maybe it's literally every other aspect of this completely perfect story? Let's just settle on “everything except the way Denethor eats that tomato.”
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16 mental health memes | thumbnail left simpsons meme "When you suffer from depression and somebody tells you to just cheer up.. intsocal butorlyX My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that ?" thumbnail right "My unhealthy coping mechanisms Me"

Mental Health Memes For A Necessary Serotonin Boost

Lil boost
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