Germany Has Cheese Vending Machines. Be Jealous.

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Prank of the Day: German Town Turns Neo-Nazi March Into Anti-Nazi Fundraiser

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Now That's One Smart Couple

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Germans Know What's Up

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The Beer Knight

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When You Win the World Cup, You're Allowed to Have a Beer

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Celebrating Germany's World Cup Win

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It's Like the Facebook Version of an Own Goal

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Brazil & Germany... What Happened?

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Conveniently, This Brazilian Fan is Gathering Tears for German Fans to Drink After Today's Game

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German World Cup Fans in Manhattan Are Getting Maybe a Little too Riled Up About Their Team's Victory

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Germany Knows How to Take a Free Kick

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Your Grocery Store Workers Are Getting Into the World Cup Spirit

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To Be Honest We're Rooting for Germany

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The Germans Know How to Serve Beer

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