supermarket Music Germany lol amazing dumb food funny stupid - 107035393

Marc Rebillet German Supermarket Ad Is About As Good As Supermarket Ads Get

Stores usually don't sell this much funk.
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Tumblr thread on germans being on public transit | Welcome Germany. This is express love. And if one sitting at window and want get off at next stop begin loudly rustle with bag whatever, because way can signal other person need them get up without having speak them. None these people are joking.

Tumblr Thread: The Universal Language of Public Transportation

Communicating with people while making as little eye contact as possible.
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German guy tries to name all 50 states and hilarity ensues | Factoid Dollar Bin Diver team TBD @factoid_twitch Replying TSchmidtbsuer Everything is Biggerer Texas Two. washington? This also feds North Texas ohio Oreo wish? this wisconsin Dakota? Minnesota Wyoming Square Arizona Kansas? this is rave New Jersey, New Mexico AND new York cereal def ohio Nevada Kansas! west. this just Screams OHIO Alabama Mountain mama Virgin AAAAA take home OHIO where is Kansas? wist

German Guy Attempts Naming All 50 States, Hilarity Ensues

He tried his best.
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Kid learns German secretly, and ends up speaking German to parents after getting a concussion | r/tifu posted by ParrotSTD TIFU by secretly learning German recommend not doing this. As funny as found she didn't while back decided wanted learn second language. Germany's pretty close so German My family's super small and also far away, and never bothered tell them learning German.

Kid Secretly Learns German, Gets Concussion, Speaks German To Confused Parents

This is just hilarious.
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tourists Germany ridiculous funny culture - 98819841

German Tourists Have A Problem With The US And Their Sidewalks

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FAIL german Germany mother mom iphone - 4968709

Mom Fails to Set Language Correctly and Hilarity Ensues

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bicycle entrance FAIL Germany - 365318

Extreme Mountain Biking Studio Entrance Fail

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wtf german football team names

Thank You German Bundesliga Team Names For This Hilariously Creepy Match Headline

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Home is Where You've Never Been

Via SimsAreShims
smell FAIL gross Germany soccer Video - 80761857

Being a Soccer Coach is All About Making Adjustments (and Then Sniffing Them?)

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england Germany traveling money Video - 77861377

Before You Buy an Expensive Train Ticket Home, See if it's Cheaper to Take an Adventure and Fly Home Via Germany?!?

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FAIL Germany driving Video - 76425473

That Feel When a Tractor Pulling a Trailer Drive Faster Than You on the Autobahn

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If You're Making Nazi Dolls in the Likeness of a Real German Soccer Player, You're Gonna Get Sued

funny fail image Bastian Schweinsteiger sues toy maker over nazi soldier doll
Via Telegraph
FAILS beer sports drunk Germany compilation Video - 74787073

Oktoberfest is Over, Drown Your Tears With Beers and German FAILs

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mind blown design Germany toilet Video g rated win - 69600513

How They Keep the Toilets Clean in Germany

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drunk pee awesome Germany funny Video after 12 - 69226497

Hamburg Doesn't Like Drunken Urinators

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