27 images of funny signs and flyers | thumbnail left text exchange printed out "Whiskey Business Today 10:47 PM Hey Oscar! It's Tony..can you make a flyer for our new Happy Hour? Sure, no prob. Send me the details. $4 Ketel One $4 Miller Lite 22oz $4 Lettuce Wraps $4 Jim Beam Shots What time does it start? Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm !!! Done & done buddy Delivere" thumbnail right sonic sign " SONIC America's Drive-In CHICKEN LOSES JOB CHICKEN IS BROKE CHICKEN STRIPS $3.79 "

27 Funny Signs And Flyers To Glance And Laugh At During Lunchbreak

STOp glance and laugh
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16 text based images reddit thread US health care fail | thumbnail reddit text "Woman billed $700 after sitting in ER waiting room for 7 hours, leaving without treatment OPATIENTCO Secure P EMORY POBO DALLA e T CE r To Pay Online, go to To Pay by Phone, cal 880-266-0176 TAYLOR DAVIS BALANCE DUE BY SEP 30 ACCOUNT PAST DUE > $688.35 Please pay or make payment arrangements immediately"

Woman Billed $700 After Waiting In ER For 7 Hours, Leaving Without Treatment

Outrageous medical bonanza
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funny "not my job" moments of failure

"Not My Job" Moments Of Unprofessional Failure

Looks good enough.
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funny facepalm moments of people being stupid

Facepalm Moments Made Possible By The Brutally Stupid

Someone fire up the brain-o-meter.
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not my job work fails of incomplete work

"Not My Job" Moments of Unprofessional Blunderosity

Break time.
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dumb spelling failures

Spelling Fails That Beat The Meaning Out Of Words

Why should words mean anything anyway?
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fails, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: That's How It Goes

It just goes like that.
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A collection of fails from people that didn't do things correctly | M&S ST. 14 All Day Breakfast is served til 11.30am | ONE DAY CANADA WILL TAKE OVER WORLD THEN LL ALL BE SORRY www.CONTACTPRINTING.COM

Fails In The World That Successfully Messed Up

Fails are successful in their ability to entertain.
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unlucky moments of chaos, failure, misfortune and mistakes

Unlucky Moments of Misfortune and Chaos

Life is cruel.
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bad construction, stupid installation and DIY fails

"Not my Job" Moments of Less-Than-Professionalism

Great, uh, job.
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funny "not my job" fails

"Not My Job" Moments Of Dubious Professionalism

Good enough, time for lunch.
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funny not my job moments of failure

"Not My Job" Moments of Professional Inadequacy

It happens to all of us.
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A collection of stories from people that attended weddings that got cancelled.

People's Most Disastrous Wedding Stories

Some weddings just aren't meant to be.
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A collection of times that expectations didn't line up with reality.

Times Expectations Didn't Line Up With Reality

Better luck next time.
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funny cake failures | Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast | Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants

Really Bad Cakes that Deserve to Be Destroyed

What are you?
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dumb ways people got scars

Dumb Ways People Ended Up With A Scar

It happens to the best of us.
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