Canada snake - 62136065

Just in Case You Thought Australia Had the Monopoly on Terrifying Animals, Here's 10,000 Snakes in a Pit in Canada

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Oh, Canada...

Canada tattoo Ugliest Tattoos burn - 8230314496
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A Sorry a Second Keeps the Doctor Away

Canada twitter true facts failbook g rated - 8196296960
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Air Canada Doesn't Even Know How to Deal With the Crazies

conspiracy Canada twitter failbook g rated - 8158786048
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Our Neighbors to the...North? (Male Edition)

Canada poorly dressed t shirts - 8149258240
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Sign of the Day: Toronto Needs to Vote for This Guy

Canada toronto signs win - 8129854464
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Just Passing a Beer to My Canada Bro

Canada bros hockey funny - 8122373888
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All Over the World Canadians Are Getting Free Beer By Scanning Their Passport

Canada beer free molson - 8121938176
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First Task of the Day

monday thru friday Canada work winter g rated - 8106512384
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One Very Scared Cab Driver Mistakes a Bear for a Different Kind of Fuzzy Beast

Canada news bears Probably bad News - 8110147584
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Canada sports hockey - 59270657

Canadian Hockey Players End Their Brawl in the Most Canadian Way Possible

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Hockey Victories Invigorate the Spirit of Giving in Canada

Canada hockey Sochi 2014 - 8082331136
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This is a Traffic Cam Shot of the Busiest Section of Highway in North America (Ontario Highway 401 in Toronto) During the Gold Medal Men's Hockey Game on Sunday

Canada hockey olympics Sochi 2014 - 8080637952
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Canada Can Do it Too!

Canada poorly dressed hockey chest hair olympics undressed - 8075699200
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Our Neighbor to the...North?

Canada poorly dressed - 8070506240
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This is What Canadian Classrooms Worldwide Look Like During the Olympics

Canada school Sochi 2014 hockey olympics g rated School of FAIL - 8063298560
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