When School Closes in Canada...

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Canada, Right Up Your Butt

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You Brought This on Yourself, Canadians

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Those Canadians Will Believe ANYTHING, Like Free Healthcare!

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This Canadian Doctor Has a Form Letter For Companies That Require Proof of Illness

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Take THAT, Canadians!

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This Is What True Love in Canada Looks Like

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The Canadian Version of a Bath Beer

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In the Most Canadian News Story Ever, a Driver Runs Into a Restaurant, Buys a Round of Wings on the House to Apologize

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"Flag Recognition" Wasn't Part of the Job Description

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Classic: Canadians Are Crazy and Just Don't Care About the Cold

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It's True, Canadians Are the Nicest People

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The Aviary Situation Up North

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The Canadians Always Have the Right Frame of Mind

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Pretty Sure This Would Trap Any Drunk

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Close Call of the Day: Propeller Slices Through Plane During Crash Landing in Canada

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