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Yearbook is a book that is published at the end of a school year that highlights various memories, events and milestones throughout the year. Yearbook quotes are a common practice done by High School Seniors, where they either write a funny or heartfelt sentence. 

Admit it, You Wish Her Last Name Was Solo

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Teen Petitions School to Take a Yearbook Photo With His Cat Mr. Bugglesworth

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Yearbook Club: Oh Lizzie McGuire, Your Wit is Unparalleled

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Someone On The Yearbook Did A Crack Job

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A Pizza Only A Mother Could Love

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Most Awkward Yearbook Article

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The Things You Learn in School

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30 Yearbook Quotes From Clever Extra Witty Academic Devils

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A Young Frozone

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Batman Teaches at You School? Does He Teach Justice?

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Your Yearbook Photo Will Never Be This Cool

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Working on Your Breadbasket

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Punk Rock Pinhead

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Truly Inspirational

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Yearbook Quotes Are Getting Personal

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Put Away the Pineapples, Winter is Coming

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