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Yearbook is a book that is published at the end of a school year that highlights various memories, events and milestones throughout the year. Yearbook quotes are a common practice done by High School Seniors, where they either write a funny or heartfelt sentence. 

His Tastes Are Simple

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23 Yearbook Quotes Written By Seniors Who Are Just DONE

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Truly Inspirational

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Thanks, Mom

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Can't Believe He Was Voted Best Smile...

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Punk Rock Pinhead

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Robbing Grandma Blind

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Subtle Shade


Whoa Batman Teaches at Your School

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Sometimes Your Grandmother Shows Up Unexpectedly

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They Are?

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Rockin' Yearbook Photos

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Kids Can Grow Beards?

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He's Not a Runner

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The Yearbook Editor Is a Literalist

school yearbook quote The Yearbook Editor Is a Literalist
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Chew On That Quote for a While

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