Yearbook is a book that is published at the end of a school year that highlights various memories, events and milestones throughout the year. Yearbook quotes are a common practice done by High School Seniors, where they either write a funny or heartfelt sentence. 

A collection of yearbook quotes from humorous students.

Humorous Yearbook Quotes That Echoed Into Eternity

A+ for creativity.
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Funny yearbook quotes from high school seniors | Jessica Enciso Why fall love can fall asleep. | that's what she said Jacob Jones s She

Yearbook Quotes from When School Was a Thing

Quoth the Senior: "I'm never coming back here."
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Teen Uses Grey's Anatomy Senior Quote For Secret Message WIN

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These Yearbook Quotes Win All of High School

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It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur

image high school quote It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur
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High School Pubic Safety is a Real Concern

school FAIL yearbook spelling - 8818833408
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Sorry, Mom

school yearbook parenting mom - 8804194816
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Three Cheers for These Senior Quotes By Triplets

funny yearbook photo clever senior triplets quotes
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yearbook prank Video - 79828993

A High Schooler Was Sent to Jail Over an Inappropriate Yearbook Photo

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A Round of Applause for These Graduates' Finest Accomplishment: Flawless Yearbook Quotes

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So Fresh and so Clean, Clean

funny memes stay fresh man
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Maybe She's Born With It

been a ho my whole life
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The Origin of a Clearly Beautiful Friendship

funny memes we later became friends
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Sometimes Your Senior Quote is the Thing You Said the Most in High School

funny school image yearbook quote of girls with same last name
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This Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality

funny fail image Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality
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Punk Rock Pinhead

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