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This Is How to Rent Textbooks!

posters textbook funny - 8252113152
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Japan Dropped Nukes on the US in WWII?

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A Real Mystery

electricity funny idiots textbook - 8247002112
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Dating Advice From an Engineering Textbook

there's no such thing as mr. right, or a perfect date
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Which of the 4 Options Are You?

chemistry textbook gives 4 options to take the course
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Math Problems Are Getting Awesome

homework textbook math funny - 8422629888
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Must Be a Modern Textbook

what the hell is he studying?
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Science Major Problems

college funny science math textbook g rated School of FAIL - 8335030272
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Might Be Hard to Wear That Ring

marriage textbook - 6612902656
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You Might Think Crying is Irrelevant to Statistics

sad school textbook
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There Are Texts in Textbooks Nowadays

texts in textbooks about prego
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Conspiracy Confirmed!

conspiracy textbook funny - 8085479424
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Conspiracy Confirmed!

conspiracy textbook funny - 8085479680
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Plot Twist: It's An English Book To Teach Proofreading

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Adventures in Nursing School...

Harry Potter textbook funny - 8438220544
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When You Want to Learn Some Facts About Geese

birds funny jerks textbook g rated - 8274793728
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