School of Fail


Conspiracy Confirmed!

conspiracy textbook funny - 8085479424
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They're Always Finding New Elements

Chemistry funny science textbook - 8326966016
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Well, That Seems Racist

homework wtf textbook funny college - 8320157696
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Twilight Textbook Fail

textbook books twilight - 6694251008
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You Might Think Crying is Irrelevant to Statistics

sad school textbook
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Eels Don't Like To Swim Upstream

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Textbooks, They Take a Beating

elementary school kids textbook worksheet funny - 8240329728
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Some School Experiments Seem Rather Odd

physics school wtf experiment textbook funny - 8286497792
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The Stone Age Rocked!

awesome metallica textbook School of FAIL - 8335018496
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What Class Was This?

school textbook - 8310386688
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Plot Twist: It's An English Book To Teach Proofreading

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$95 Worth of Thanks

school tumblr textbook failbook g rated - 8309255680
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Some Textbooks Are Worth Keeping

textbook science funny uranus - 8295944448
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Which of the 4 Options Are You?

chemistry textbook gives 4 options to take the course
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Some Sexy Lables

bones anatomy science textbook - 8185403904
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Might Be Hard to Wear That Ring

marriage textbook - 6612902656
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