School of Fail


They're Always Finding New Elements

Chemistry funny science textbook - 8326966016
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Might Be Hard to Wear That Ring

marriage textbook - 6612902656
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The Most Overladen Student in the World

class weight textbook - 6941632000
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Will Farrell Is in a Math Book?

funny math textbook - 8153913088
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Which of the 4 Options Are You?

chemistry textbook gives 4 options to take the course
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There Are Texts in Textbooks Nowadays

texts in textbooks about prego
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A Real Mystery

electricity funny idiots textbook - 8247002112
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HTML Textbooks Are Getting Weird

red pandas put in html textbook
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The Stone Age Rocked!

awesome metallica textbook School of FAIL - 8335018496
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learning textbook science Video - 63198721

Making Better Science Textbooks

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Math Problems Are Getting Awesome

homework textbook math funny - 8422629888
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Adventures in Nursing School...

Harry Potter textbook funny - 8438220544
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Eels Don't Like To Swim Upstream

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Dating Advice From an Engineering Textbook

there's no such thing as mr. right, or a perfect date
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Jim Really Is Brilliant

textbook facebook Chemistry funny - 7447686144
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Textbooks, They Take a Beating

elementary school kids textbook worksheet funny - 8240329728
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