School of Fail

test humor

Please Can I Drive the Spacecraft?

Aliens test humor - 6653043200
Created by Unknown

Hope This Doesn't Ruin My Test...

test humor - 6044516864
Created by Unknown

Makes Perfect Sense to Me

makes sense math test humor - 6543491584
Created by Unknown

You Still Have a Shot at a Solid 50%

test humor - 6264603136
Created by Unknown

I Choose The Last One Every Time

star wars test humor - 6208574464

In Soviet Russia, Cold War Explains You

no Soviet Russia test humor - 6106444032
Created by Unknown

Definitely E

plants test humor - 6579667200
Created by Unknown

The Story of Every Exam

rage comic test humor exams - 6710855936
Created by Blitzkreig

The Evil Solution

darth vader test humor voldemort categoryimage categoryvoting-page - 6625905920
Created by Unknown

Is Such a Thing Even Possible?

Aliens comic sans test humor - 6154394880
Created by Unknown

The Best Math/Vegetable Crossover Ever

math vegetables test humor - 6687178752
Created by Fynn

It Only Gets Worse

seinfeld test humor - 6751268864
Created by Unknown

Watch as Sweet, Sweet Chaos Ensues

test humor win - 6249953536
Created by NinjaBoy82

Lie He Does Not

math test humor - 6545534464
Created by Unknown

Mr. T Got into Teaching for the Kids

teaching test humor - 6254739456
Created by CimeraxZ

She Really Won't Do Schoolwork

schoolwork kids test humor - 6747646464
Created by Unknown