School of Fail

test humor


test humor TV - 6545520384
Created by Unknown

Everyone Likes a Hedgehog!

test humor - 6839226880
Created by peppy30

Did You Kill a Man With a Trident Too?

test humor that escalated quickly - 6216897024
Created by Unknown

Damnit! Unicorns Usually Do the Trick

test humor unicorns - 6004588800
Created by sanabanana7

Vikings Aren't Known For Their Academic Prowess

test humor vikings - 6277328384
Created by HarmoniousKeys

The Only Spanish You Probably Remember

me gusta Memes spanish test humor - 6252368384
Created by Unknown

That Kid Looks Pretty Terrified

terrified test humor - 6707011840
Created by EMT


test humor test taking - 6202539520
Created by Unknown

Technically True, Full Credit!

george washington presidents test humor - 6136692224
Created by kelly

Hope This Doesn't Ruin My Test...

test humor - 6044516864
Created by Unknown

Define "Could Not Really Happen"

kids these days test humor zombie - 6578023936
Created by the.magheera

Please Can I Drive the Spacecraft?

Aliens test humor - 6653043200
Created by Unknown

Technically Correct.

hitler stalin technically correct test humor - 6419486464
Created by Unknown

Makes Sense to Me

makes sense test humor what - 6687093248
Created by Unknown

An Unfortunate Word Choice...

69 test humor - 6260431616
Created by Unknown

Thank God He's No Alien!

human kids these days test humor - 6770372096
Created by Unknown
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