School of Fail


Good Thing Newt Gingrich Is on the Case

global warming funny science idiots - 7993850880
By Unknown

Some Serious Scientific Findings

experiment science idiots funny - 8298914560
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The Teenangers Brain Is Weird

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Wind Is Super Valuable

wind science idiots quote Neil deGrasse Tyson - 8075926528
By Unknown

Not Quite...

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She Studied?

how else do you do it?
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douchebag wtf frat idiots racist Video college - 69334017

SAE Douchebags Expelled From Oklahoma University After Racist Chant

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Math Is Terrifying

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What's the Point

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Someone Needs to Pay More Attention

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By mrndvlmr

Using a Calculator to Get Sex

high schoolers are super smooth sex persons
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So Close

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By Unknown

Damn Those Sinks

lab sink science idiots funny - 8368723200
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Learn to Math Before You Fangirl!

one direction idiots math - 6985540352
By Unknown

I Don't Think You Know What College Is

sign idiots tutor college - 6992699136
By Unknown
middle school idiots news Video teacher wtf - 69252865

Middle School Teacher Swears at Student and Brags About His Penis

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