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Not Quite...

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Wind Is Super Valuable

wind science idiots quote Neil deGrasse Tyson - 8075926528
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Close Enough

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All Day, Every Day

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You Must Start With the Basics...

computers class idiots g rated School of FAIL - 7016431872
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Every Coming of Age Novel Ever

a prototypical first novel by young white male author
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You Might Want to Go Back to Geography Class

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A Guide to Smart People

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What the Hell America?

wtf america amazing science idiots g rated School of FAIL - 8062991360
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Drunk History: James Cook Returns

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Everyone Loves the Beard

wtf beard idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 8188621824
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That Lady Is a Real Winner

cooking idiots funny potatoes g rated School of FAIL - 7736203776
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Jelly Fish Are Wicked Old

brains idiots jellyfish funny - 8051941120
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Please Vaccinate

medicine funny science idiots vaccines g rated School of FAIL - 8023681792
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The Origins of Superstitions

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Someone Really Doesn't Understand the Earth

bill nye funny science idiots wind - 8259485696
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