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Some Kids Just Don't Understand Math

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YOLO Don't Work in School

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Created by Teotwawki

Why Do You Need a Frat?

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Stop Being So Space-Oriented, Space Program!

idiots nasa space - 6582862336
Created by Yorustarlight

True Facts!

facts science idiots funny earth - 7711612928
Created by Unknown

I Don't Think You Know What College Is

sign idiots tutor college - 6992699136
Created by Unknown

Teaching Is a Rough Profession

wtf teacher idiots funny School of FAIL - 7650473984
Created by Unknown
science idiots vaccine funny Video measles - 68713729

How Measles Made a Comeback

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A Typical Day at High School

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Man Arrested at School Board Meeting

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Drink Up, Nerds

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Created by Unknown

Some One Needs to Teach Her Percentages

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Created by Unknown

A Brown Torpedo

wtf idiots School of FAIL - 8273809152
Via Kevlar Yarmulke

This Is the Sort of Nonsense They're Putting in Business Textbooks

terrible examples of a trade in business textbooks
Via Dbarri12

Please Vaccinate

medicine funny science idiots vaccines g rated School of FAIL - 8023681792
Created by Unknown

Every Coming of Age Novel Ever

a prototypical first novel by young white male author
Via Sticky Embraces
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