School of Fail


Some Serious Scientific Findings

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She Must Have Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

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By Unknown

She Studied?

how else do you do it?
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Some One Needs to Teach Her Percentages

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By Unknown

I Need This Shirt

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By Unknown

How Old Are These Children

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By Meqad
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Miss USAs Need Some More Schooling

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Ban All the Books!

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You Must Start With the Basics...

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By Unknown

Ever Heard of Jazz, Gentlemen?

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By Unknown

Everyone Loves the Beard

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YOLO Don't Work in School

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By Teotwawki

These Moms Are Going to Have to Be Smarter Than That

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That's a Little Too High Level for Me

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By Unknown

Happy Now?

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By Daniel Grady (Via Daniel John Grady)

Breaking Dress Code Is What Terrorists Do!

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