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The History and Future of Everything...Sort Of

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Ancient Chinese Motorcycle, Eh?

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funny history memes | Vikings after finding out monasteries are filled with gold and people can't fight

History Memes to Feel Smart About

It's like learning, sort of!
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They Were Saving it for Posterity

were they learning about milling grains?
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funny trolling history moments | danielokane 17.2k points 20 hours ago 3 3 3 3 Mozart didn't like this singer so much he 2 wrote piece her with high and low notes constantly because he noticed she hit low notes her chin went her chest and she hit high notes her head would fling back. So like she bobbing like chicken

Some of the Great Trollings of History

Nice one, Mozart.
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The History of Debt

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That Makes Perfect Sense

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The History of Birthdays

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Some History About the Vikings

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History Is Full of Mistakes

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History 101: World Wars and When They Happened

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Those Pyramids Are Wicked Old

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This Kid Knows What's Up

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The Geologic Time Chart

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Lost City of Thonis Discovered Beneath the Sea

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Perhaps It's Best Not to Study History

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