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Marie Antoinette Certainly Was a "Mean Girl"

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The Holy Roman Empire

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Wax Statue of Jane Austen Uses Forensic Science to Create Accurate Likeness

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History 101: World Wars and When They Happened

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Economics 101: Banking Explained

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Sound Advice

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Perhaps It's Best Not to Study History

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Funny Twitter thread about how medieval artists didnt know what animals looked like, had to guess or get creative | Daniel Holland @DannyDutch thread medieval paintings animals look nothing like real animals because artist had never seen them. Starting with Oyster | This elephant with tornado trunk. By Jacob van Maerlant Der Naturen Bloeme

Twitter Thread: Medieval Artists Had No Idea What Animals Looked Like

Here's to creative guesswork.
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Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Nerd

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How Were The Pyramids Really Built?

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Bargain Books: It's Good to Know Someone Chronicled This

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Things You Won't Learn in History Class

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I Always Feel Like an Idiot

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I'm Not So Sure it Does

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The History of Time & Everything

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How Energy Affected Human History

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