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The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.


Hall of Fame - 6414392320

Let's Use All the Weird Nonsensical Rules in One Language!

english g rated Hall of Fame School of FAIL - 6279904768

Why Doesn't EVERY School Have These??

Hall of Fame notebook pen pencil school supplies vending machine - 5751686912

Fact: Cats Are Just Waiting For The Right Moment

Cats Hall of Fame - 5834519296

Boxology 101: Because Infants Count As Animals Too

g rated Hall of Fame School of FAIL - 5888929024

Astronomy 250: I Hear Jupiter is the Life of Any Party

astronomy 250 class is in session Hall of Fame - 6328231680

The Most Useful Math You'll Ever Learn

batman engineering Hall of Fame math humor test humor - 6171768320
Via Engineering Laughter

The Avengers Yearbook!

g rated Hall of Fame high school School of FAIL superheroes The Avengers yearbook - 6205844224

Book Sculpting WIN

art best of week book Hall of Fame Lord of the Rings The Hobbit - 6535273216
Via Flavorwire

My Preeeeecious...

Hall of Fame organic chemistry - 6125838080
Created by rowheat88

I Think The Publisher Failed Geography

africa FAIL geography Hall of Fame infographic map south america - 5710312960
Via FAIL Blog

Who Needs Sex Ed Anyway?

contraception Hall of Fame School of FAIL - 6416717056

Grumpy Dawkins is Grumpy

Hall of Fame Memes socially awkward penguin - 6333130752
Ad college dinosaurs explosions Hall of Fame school university zombie - 33032705

Best University EVER

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I Have Seen The Future, And It Has Mochas

coffee english graduate Hall of Fame Starbucks the future - 5720585472
america dumb Hall of Fame high school history interview students Video - 33246977

America's High Schoolers: Almost Too Dumb To Function

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