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Failbook. Where all the dumb things everyone thought they deleted are posted by their friends for others to laugh at and enjoy their inexplicable lack of a thought process. Remember - think before you post.

That Teachin' Lady Was Tryna Edumucate Mah Son!

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Studying Our Social Habits and Social Networks

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Fun Fact: Octopuses Are Terrifying

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You Brought This Upon Yourself

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By Unknown

Scissors Beats Paper

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By Unknown
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This is What Happens When You Ask Your Phone What a Googol Really is

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Facebook FAILs From the Morons of the Internet

20 Facebook FAILs From the Morons of the Internet

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$95 Worth of Thanks

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The TSA Learns a Bit About States of Matter

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Some Gorgeous Footage of SpaceX Launches

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Kids Deserve to Have a Measles Free Childhood

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