School of Fail


A True Tale of Woe

tom and mary in statistics class
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Still Got Full Credit

class assignment funny - 7536940032
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You Deserve an Award!

class sleeping funny ribbon - 8085437440
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He's a Genius

class kid genius funny School of FAIL - 7460040960
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Just Another Day

class tired sleep - 7133096192
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So Close to the End of the Year

class sleep funny - 7497925376
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class teacher math funny g rated School of FAIL - 55213313

A Truly Inspiring Teacher

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There's A Time And A Place, Kyle

class comic Hall of Fame School of FAIL - 5868999424
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The Most Overladen Student in the World

class weight textbook - 6941632000
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We're Going To Have Fun, With Science

class g rated infographic school School of FAIL science scientist - 5808053248
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Weirdest Class Cancellation Ever

teacher got salt in their eyes and cancels class
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The Disappearing Alibis


Sweet Sesh

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I Think the Teacher Should Be Congratulated

class teacher shame funny g rated School of FAIL - 7568645120
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Definitely Ready for the Real World.

real world class twitter sleeping - 7426140160
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It's Like They Were There

class students funny substitute Pokémon - 7975162624
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