School of Fail


That Is Some Expensive Free Time

class school funny money - 7765296640
By Unknown

Pablo the Fish Now Traumatized

class does not eat its pet fish
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Well Played

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The Best Student in the Class Was Turd Fartman

class wtf student kids - 7778335488
By Unknown

Online Classes Are Horrible

class online horrible quiz funny g rated School of FAIL - 8026780672
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You Deserve an Award!

class sleeping funny ribbon - 8085437440
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It's Like They Were There

class students funny substitute Pokémon - 7975162624
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Unfortunate Typo

class typo book - 7383985408
By darron

Now That's Bored

did he give the pancakes out to the other students?
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A Bull in the Classroom

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Can't. Stay. Awake.

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One Rockin' Science Class

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A True Tale of Woe

tom and mary in statistics class
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Hooray for the Morning

class school morning - 7385269504
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One of the Best Moments You Can Have in School

class school teacher - 7377147392
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Must Have Been a Horrible Class

class review teacher funny - 8421037824
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