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These Aren't the Books You're Looking For

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Hip Hop to the Library

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This Is Why We Read

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That One With The Blue Cover Is My Favorite


The Most Brilliant Book

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Never Mess With the Author

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Who Says Libraries Aren't Fun?

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Very Very True

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Every Coming of Age Novel Ever

a prototypical first novel by young white male author
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WTF Are Books?!

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You Have to Let Those Books Know Who's Boss

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Funny memes about books, reading | placing book just bought on my shelf read next Literally all my other books: More lies | Main characters explaining they don't want be put through hell anymore author road to el dorado

27 Literary Memes For The Bookworms

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How Many of the Top 10 Most Read Books in the World Have You Read?

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Bargain Books: Prepping for a Job in Customer Service, I See

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If This Came in Air Fresheners I'd Buy All Of Them

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You'll Never Escape Books

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