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A Tumblr thread that appreciates Snoop Dogg. | dandy-boi-ftm Follow best part is fact out two them Martha Stewart one who went prison. shadowkat678 Follow Wait 2fngrsin Follow Wiiiild. He did commit murder self defense no judging) and America's Best Housewife sent jail because insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction justice and conspiracy. This is wiiild

Tumblr Thread: Honoring The Legend, Snoop Dogg

What a wild read, indeed.
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Peter Dinklage Knows the Importance of Books

books quote funny g rated - 8350984960
Via Uproxx

You Have to Let Those Books Know Who's Boss

books textbooks - 6158267136
By Unknown

Well, That's Sort of Creepy

books funny g rated School of FAIL - 8093211648
By Unknown
literature books funny Video - 69404929

Thug Notes: The Scarlet Letter

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Never Mess With the Author

author back to school books School of FAIL summer reading yahoo answers - 6507804416
By Unknown

All You Have to Do is Read This Book!

books literature - 6410701056
By Unknown


reading books - 6846895616
By Unknown

Slowly But Surely

homework school books funny - 7828136704
By Unknown
A humorous Tumblr post imagines where books came from.

Humorous Tumblr Post Imagines Where Books Come From

Yep, checks out.
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Every Coming of Age Novel Ever

a prototypical first novel by young white male author
Via Sticky Embraces

Sagan Logic is the Best Logic

books carl sagan - 6109955328
Via Sagan Sense

Batman Respects Libraries

books library batman funny g rated School of FAIL - 8380812544
Via CMQueen

Some Books Hold Secret Messages

jill is given a tastk
Via Mike Pants

How Did You Get Those Books Up There?

wtf books funny exams - 7874162688
By Unknown

He Was Skilled Catcher

books catcher in the rye funny literature g rated School of FAIL - 8234359808
Via David Hughes
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